Lee & Enrique had a really cool ‘getaway car’ (a 1970 Olds convertible) and I wanted to create a unique shot with it. Sitting on top of the back seat I had my camera set to Tv mode (shutter priority), at 1/30th of a second. My lens was a Canon 16-35mm, set to 16mm,  and I was using on-camera flash. I pressed the shutter button and zoomed the lens all the way to 35mm at the same time. The slow shutter speed, combined with the zooming of the lens, allowed the ambient light in the background to blur while the light from the flash froze my subjects in the foreground. It looks like Enrique is racing down the road but the car wasn’t traveling more than 15 mph. No Photoshop was used in this shot, except for some fine tuning of white balance and contrast. I think it looks a little like when the Millennium Falcon enters hyperspace 🙂

Sweet Couple at Sweet Cheeks

Krista & Bryan were married at Sweet Cheeks Winery in southern Lane County. Pinot country, in other words. Originally from Oregon, Krista relocated to Chicago, where she met Bryan, but knew she wanted to get married back in her beautiful home state. Sweet Cheeks has some wonderful wines and is a great place for weddings. Nestled in the foothills of Territorial Highway, it’s the perfect spot for lunch or dinner, too.

Another King Estate Wedding

Lyla & King were married this past Friday and the vineyard was in full bounty. We took a walk through the vines and they stopped for a kiss.
King Estate Wedding

Oregon Sunshine

Fall is here and looks like mother nature has brought the rain back for awhile. If you shoot a lot of outdoor weddings in Oregon, as I do, you have to be prepared to get wet every now and then! This image is from a wedding I did last October, at the Eagle Rock Lodge, out on the McKenzie River. Curt and Amie were not only unfazed by the weather, they still went through with their plan to get into a boat immediately after their ceremony!

Eugene wedding photographer

Reflecting on the Future

Heather and Jon were married at the Big K Ranch (near Elkton, OR). As I was talking to Heather out on the back deck of her Bridal Cabin, I looked back and saw her mother gazing at her, realizing her daughter was starting on the next chapter of her life.

To see Heather and Jon’s wedding in its entirety, click here.

Eugene wedding photographer

Portland Engagement session

Portland is not only a wonderful place to get married, it’s also a great place to get engaged! This image is from an engagement session I shot in the NW area, near the Pearl District.

Portland wedding in the rain

Jenni & Johnny were married in Portland in the summer of 2011. Now, unbeknownst to most out-of-towners, Portland doesn’t usually get any rain between mid June and mid-September (don’t tell anyone that!!). However, this day was the exception that proved the rule. Jenni and Johnny were quite unperturbed by the weather, being locals, and I love shooting in the rain…so much atmosphere. You can view a slideshow here or look below for some images from that wedding: