The First Dance at Whisper-n-Oaks, by Matt Emrich Photo

Leanne & Ryan were married at Whisper’n’Oaks on a beautiful summer day. The wheat fields had just been harvested so I suggested we move into the grove of oak trees that gave the venue its name. I really loved the long shadows cast by the trees, and that golden sunlight coming in behind them. I wanted to create an image that popped so I cranked up my on-camera flash and made this image. It was easy, really; all I did was expose for the ambient light (with my flash turned off), then set my camera to those settings in Manual Mode. I turned on the flash, set it to Average Metering in E-TTL mode at +2, and fired away. Having a great couple to work with made everything flow smoothly. This is one of my favorite venues in Oregon and Donna, the owner, always recommends me. If you drop by her venue, be sure to look at my sample album!

Whisper-n-Oaks wedding photographer mattemrichphoto


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