Hot Shots in Prescott, Arizona

I shot a wedding in Prescott, Arizona last fall and it was a very hot day. The venue was called Juniper Well Ranch. This post is in memory of those real HotShots who lost their lives there this past week.

mattemrichphoto, Arizona wedding photograhper

Arizona Engagement Photo

At the wedding I shot last weekend in Arizona, at the Juniper Well Ranch in Skull Valley, two guests wanted me to shoot their engagement photo, then hired me on the spot for their wedding next April in Atlanta.

This is that shot.




Don’t forget the Groom!

Although most of my day is normally spent with the bride, I always like to make sure I get some nice images of the groom by himself. This also allows me to stick to my wedding day mantra — keep the bride happy — and nothing makes a bride smile more than seeing great images of the man she fell in love with. This is from a wedding I shot the last weekend in September, at a place called Juniper Well Ranch, located in the town of Skull Valley, Arizona.

Juniper Well Ranch wedding photographer