A New Beginning

When the wheat fields are at their highest in Western Oregon, sometime in early August, they make a fantastic setting; especially at sunset. I really like the juxtaposition of the rustic with the formal.

Light it up

When Megan and Kenji walked past this old barn I saw their shadows on the wall and thought, what a fun portrait that would be! This was taken at Whisper’n’Oaks.


Giving her away

I never know how the bride’s parents are going to react while the vows are being said. These parents were torn between happiness for their little girl and the knowledge that she had, indeed, grown up. This image was taken at Whisper’n’Oaks near Eugene, OR.


Whisper’n’Oaks Weddings

Whisper’n’Oaks, located on Hulbert Lake Road in Junction City, Oregon, is a fantastic place to get married. I’ve shot more weddings at Whisper’n’Oaks than at any other single venue in Oregon. Donna, the owner, does a great job. The ceremony area, accessible by bridge, is perfect in any kind of weather. Below is a gallery of images from over the years. You can also see a full day’s wedding if you click this link.