Daddy’s Little Girl

Before this ceremony got underway, the father of the bride was as calm and as jovial as could be. Once it began , however, he choked up as he watched his little girl proclaim her vows.

Eugene Wedding Photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

A Very Portland Engagement

This is another image from the e-session I shot in Portland, with Jenny and Johnny, at Tanner Springs Park., Eugene Wedding Photographer, Portland wedding photographer, engagement photos, Portland engagement photographer, Eugene engagement photographer, weddings, photography, photos, outdoor weddings

Portland Engagement Photos

The Getaway Car

I love weddings where there’s a definitive ending, such as having all the guests line up and throw rice at the couple as they make their way to the getaway car. At this Roseburg wedding, the couple was completely inundated with flying grain! The look on the groom’s face, as he tries to find his seat and hit the gas pedal, is priceless. Notice the paint on the car, too. The full sentence reads ‘Help Me, I Don’t Know Her.” I watched all the groomsmen spend 30 minutes decorating this brand new convertible with paint pens. They assured me it was safe, and would come off, but when I looked at one of the pens and read the warning label on it, it said, among other things “not safe for automobile paint.” I hope that wasn’t really true! You can see more of my work at

The Seven Springs Ranch Matt Emrich Photo

King Estate Wedding by Matt Emrich Photo

Kristin and Matt were married at King Estate this past Saturday and it was another beautiful day. I think 2012 will be a very good year for the Pinot Noir variety (as the grapes behind the bride & groom are destined to become), since we’ve had so many unbroken days of sunshine, coupled with very cool mornings. Matt & Kristin were happy to bask in this golden light as well.


King Estate wedding photographer Matt Emrich Photo

Oregon Wedding Photographer

This space is primarily for posting my stories and photos of recent weddings. I like to keep this post at the top of the stack, with all the newest posts available just below it. Furthermore, check out my other sites at mattemrichphoto and smugmug for additional photos. I’m also a multi- award-winning member of the WPJA, and can be found on the ‘Preferred Vendor’ pages of King Estate and Whisper’n’Oaks. Most recently, I’ve been invited to join My Eugene Photographer and am very happy to be part of a great local community.

Elkton wedding at the Big K Ranch

Heather and Jon were married at the Big K Ranch near Elkton, Oregon. Despite the insanely hot weather, the entire wedding party was more than amenable to climb up these bales of hay for me. Since Jon is a friend of mine, I stayed overnight at the Big K Ranch. Let’s just say I got a great glimpse into what goes on at weddings in the wee hours of the morning. This was much the same as my experience in Cyprus (see previous post), when I stayed with the wedding party until 3 in the morning, simply because I had nothing else to do and the party was just too fun. Imagine drunken guests wading into the Mediterranean, completely dressed. Ahh, the life of a wedding photographer 🙂

Anyway, back to Heather and Jon!

Big K Ranch wedding photographer

Cyprus Wedding

It’s not often I get to travel to Cyprus to shoot a wedding, but that was indeed the case in 2009. My total travel time, roundtrip, was 51 hours. My total time in Cyprus was 86 hours! The wedding was amazing, and so was the after-party; it lasted until dawn. This particular scene is, apparently, quite common for European weddings. I can’t imagine this being legal in the US, especially here in Oregon, in the middle of the summer during the height of fire season 🙂 But this was in Cyprus and it was all just perfectly fine!

At the end of the reception, everyone was invited to light up their own personal balloon. These balloons were made of lightweight paper that must’ve been treated with some kind of flame retardant. I imagine they eventually burned themselves out as they sailed out over the Mediterranean.


Cyprus wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

A Very Sweet Engagement

Jenni & Johnny wanted their engagement photos shot in Portland. Since it was 103 degrees that day I decided we’d better wait until just after sunset and that we’d better find somewhere near water. This park, in NW Portland, fit the bill.


Portland engagement photos

A Funny Moment

As this bride was waiting at the hair salon she noticed this magazine. The first page she turned to was the one you see here. I heard her laughter and turned around to catch this image. The caption says it all…

Eugene wedding photography


Sweet Couple at Sweet Cheeks

Krista & Bryan were married at Sweet Cheeks Winery in southern Lane County. Pinot country, in other words. Originally from Oregon, Krista relocated to Chicago, where she met Bryan, but knew she wanted to get married back in her beautiful home state. Sweet Cheeks has some wonderful wines and is a great place for weddings. Nestled in the foothills of Territorial Highway, it’s the perfect spot for lunch or dinner, too.