Hendricks Park Engagement

Jen and Wayne are getting married soon (they have yet to pick a date), and they were the winners of my free-engagement-session drawing at the Eugene Bridal Show this past January. Since Wayne is in the RAF (the Royal Air Force, in the UK) and Jen lives in Beaverton, I was glad of the chance to get them both down to Eugene this past week so we could do the shoot. It had been raining all week so the grass at Hendricks Park was green and the spring blooms were in full color, including a magnificent magnolia tree. Here are some of the images from the shoot.

Hendricks Park engagement session

Hendricks Park engagement session


Kaley and Derek braved this past Saturday’s rain showers and I’m glad they did. This shot was taken just before the ceremony, right after the First Look.

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Spring is still a couple weeks away but we’re sure getting a nice preview today! This image is from an engagement session I did last spring, at Alton Baker Park.

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Late afternoon sun

The late afternoon sun at Alton Baker Park was the perfect backlight for this shot. As I always do when I shoot, I only used available light. This means I used all the light I had available: the low-angled sun behind the couple for that nice ‘rim light’ and two off-camera speedlights pointed at the couple so their faces were visible (‘fill light’). I wanted to recreate the same light our brains would see in this scene so the off-camera speedlights were crucial; without them the couple would have merely been a silhouette. Had I exposed for their faces only, the background would’ve gone completely white, losing the context of the setting sun. By punching in just enough light of my own I was able to make the image appear more realistic. Lighting 101!

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To flash or not to flash

During Amy & Brock’s elopement photos this past weekend I was using three of the new Canon 600EX-RT speedlights, one on-camera and two off-camera, with my 5D Mark III. After continuously shooting with the speedlights firing at full power (the shoot took place during the middle of a very sunny day), I noticed there were some instances when the flash didn’t go off. However, since I’d already metered for the background light, those instances weren’t a total loss. I was mostly using the extra light from the flashes to really make the couple pop, and to separate them a bit from the background. I really like the image below but the flashes didn’t fire; they’d overheated. Since I was shooting everything in Manual Mode I knew my background would match all the previous images; I simply needed to do a bit of work in Adobe Lightroom and was able to deliver this final result to Amy & Brock.
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A Very Portland Engagement

This is another image from the e-session I shot in Portland, with Jenny and Johnny, at Tanner Springs Park.

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Portland Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos

Christmas and New Year’s are the two biggest days for ‘popping the question.’ This means there are a lot of couples out there who will need engagement photos! Hiring a professional to shoot your engagement session is a great way to ‘interview’ a potential wedding photographer. I like them because it helps me get to know the couples before they get married; it also helps couples get used to having me point a camera at them:)
The image below is from an engagement session I shot up in Portland, for Jenny and Johnny.
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Faith and Tradition

While I was waiting for the bride to begin changing into her wedding dress I looked around the room I was in and noticed this book. It appeared to have something in it so I opened it up and saw the wedding rings!

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Alton Baker Engagement Photo

Devin & Coty are getting married next August and booked me for an e-session today. The late afternoon sunlight at Alton Baker Park was just perfect.
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More from Portland

I wish I could remember the name of that park in NW Portland! (where I took Jenni and Johnny for their engagement photos) This fence is made up of old railroad tracks, all rusted out. This just in: I remembered the name of that park. It’s called Tanner Springs, and it’s between 10th & 11th and Northrup & Marshall.

Portland wedding photograph