Don’t forget the bouquet!

This Coburg Country Inn wedding took place on a Friday and the bride’s mother spent the morning on the phone with the florist. Apparently, the florist (whose name shall go unmentioned!) assumed the wedding was on a Saturday; she didn’t have the flowers ready at all. Jessamyn, the bride, was unperturbed and asked her Maid of Honor to run down to the nearest store and buy as many floral arrangements as she could. This bridal bouquet did the trick quite nicely!

Country Inn Wedding photographer

Eugene wedding photographer, Portland wedding photographer; © Matt Emrich Photo

Hendricks Park E-Session

Here are a couple more from last week’s e-session at Hendricks Park with Jen & Wayne.

Hendricks Park e-session

Hendricks Park e-session

Hendricks Park Engagement

Jen and Wayne are getting married soon (they have yet to pick a date), and they were the winners of my free-engagement-session drawing at the Eugene Bridal Show this past January. Since Wayne is in the RAF (the Royal Air Force, in the UK) and Jen lives in Beaverton, I was glad of the chance to get them both down to Eugene this past week so we could do the shoot. It had been raining all week so the grass at Hendricks Park was green and the spring blooms were in full color, including a magnificent magnolia tree. Here are some of the images from the shoot.

Hendricks Park engagement session

Hendricks Park engagement session

A junior bridesmaid

At this Dancing Deer Mountain wedding, the bride and her junior bridesmaid were very close. I really like Dancing Deer Mountain; it’s a beautiful venue and they also have on-site catering available. Most importantly, there are lots of great places for photos!

Dancing Deer Mountain wedding

Dancing Deer Mountain wedding photographer

Wedding Day Plans

It’s that time of year again, when newly engaged couples are making plans for their upcoming weddings. With the two biggest Will-You-Marry-Me holidays having just passed (Christmas and Valentine’s Day), a lot of engagement rings have been presented. Now it’s time to plan! Planning a wedding can be a full time job which is why I suggest hiring a full time professional to facilitate those plans. I’ve worked with quite a few wedding coordinators over the years and highly recommend Green Eyed Girl Productions. Kandice and her team at Green Eyed Girl are completely up to date on all the latest wedding trends. Kandice was with me at Eagle Rock Lodge (along the beautiful McKenzie River)Eagle Rock Lodge wedding photographer as the bride and groom braved the wet weather in this image. Definitely check them out!

Another decision to make, and it’s usually the first one, is where to have the wedding. I’ve been truly blessed to have seen so many of Oregon’s amazing venues, from the Coast to the Cascades, from Portland to wine country; the only hard part about finding the right venue is which one to choose! Some of my favorite places are The Sandtrap (a McMenamins property in Gearhart on the northern coast)McMenamins Sandtrap Inn wedding photographer,                                                                                            Deep Woods (in Veneta)Deep Woods Events wedding photographer,

Diamond Woods (near Cheshire and Monroe)The Inn at Diamond Woods wedding photographer,

Chateau Lorane (near Eugene)Chateau Lorane wedding photographer,

The Gerding Theater (in Portland)The Gerding Theater wedding photographer,

Beckenridge Vineyards (in Dallas, Oregon)Beckenridge Vineyards wedding photographer,

Mt Hood Organic Farms (in Hood River)Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding photographer,

Bridal Veil Lakes (also near Hood River)Bridal Veil Lakes wedding photographer,

Atavista B&B (in Harrisburg, Oregon)Atavista B&B wedding photographer

and Broken Top Club (in Bend).Broken Top Club wedding photographer

Once you’ve got your date set and your venue picked out, it’s time to start looking for the other vendors who help make your Big Day complete. If you’re hiring a DJ, there are a few I recommend, in no particular order: Bass is Loaded (ask for Rick), DJ Stoltz (ask for David) and Barry McGuire (of BMAC Productions). From country to hip-hop, these guys not only keep the music flowing, they are also great emcees.

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the food; all your guests will remember what they ate at your wedding so it’s important that you visit as many caterers as possible to make sure you get what you want (especially since they will all provide sample tastings!). There are a number of caterers I’ve worked with over the years and, again in no particular order, these are a few I can recommend:

Flavors (based out of Eugene), DeAngelo’s (out of Portland), Elephants (also out of Portland), Cornucopia (out of Eugene), and Wild Duck (out of Eugene).

After the meal, of course, comes the wedding cake. Wedding cakes have come a long way since the days of the traditional 3-tiered white cake with the little plastic figures on top. Nowadays you can get cakes to match any theme, in all sizes and colors. A few of my favorite wedding cake makers are The Sweet Life and Market of Choice (both in Eugene), and Papa Haydn’s (in Portland). Just like the caterers, these folks will also give you lots of tastings so it’s a good idea not to visit too many on the same day 🙂

A lot of brides these days (ok, most brides) are searching Pinterest for inspiration. Be sure to check out my own Pinterest pages!


The bride from this wedding sent me an email before her big day, wanting to know if I could replicate some pictures she’d seen on Pinterest. For the past five years I’ve been getting ever-increasing ‘Pinterest requests.’ It used to bother me a little: those images were from different venues, with different brides, and different times of year…yet I was expected to produce the same photos. Mostly however, I think, I was put off by the assumption that I was was no more than a camera-operator who had no artistic visions of my own. I soon got over this after I realized that a lot of the images I was being sent were really good. Instead of boxing me in, those images got my creative juices flowing again and I began to experiment more (which always leads to good things!). This image is my interpretation of one of the Pinterest photos sent to me.

Eugene Wedding Photographer

A Tree of Their Own

Whenever I shoot a wedding, I’m always looking for places that will make great images. When I saw this willow tree, with its large canopy of overhanging branches, I knew what I wanted to do. The entire wedding party is in the frame, but only the bride and groom are the subjects of the photo. I wanted to demonstrate the intimacy of marriage: your friends are still close, but it’s just the two of you who are in focus.

Eugene Wedding Photographer

Whisper-n-Oaks weddings

Whisper-n-Oaks is one of my favorite wedding venues in Lane County. It has everything: water, trees, wheat fields, a covered bridge, a gazebo, and large indoor/outdoor facilities for every wedding necessity. Brides and Grooms each have their own suite in which to get ready, in air-conditioned comfort. The venue was temporarily shut down in 2014/2015 for remodeling but plans to re-open in 2016 and I can’t wait to shoot there again! To see what a full-day wedding looks like, click on this link and you’ll see Haylie and Jonathan’s wedding from August of 2013. Haylie and her family stopped by my booth at the Oregon Wedding Showcase last month and were pleasantly surprised to see their wedding photos on display. Here are a few of my favorite images from Whisper-n-Oaks:

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Matt Emrich Photo, Eugene wedding photographer

Eugene Wedding Photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Eugene wedding photographer

Whisper-n-Oaks wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

King Estate on hiatus

A lot of brides-to-be came up to me at my Oregon Wedding Showcase booth last month, asking where some of my images were taken. Since I’ve shot quite a few weddings at King Estate over the last 10 years, I naturally had a lot of those images at my booth (since I love King Estate weddings!). I was shocked to hear that King Estate was no longer a wedding venue, not even down at The Pavilion area. I got in touch with the King Estate hospitality coordinator, a woman I’ve worked with a number of times, and she assured me that it was indeed true; there will be no more weddings at King Estate (at least in the near future, she said). I guess I’ll just have to go there and drink good wine!

wedding photographer Eugene

A Bend wedding

The light in Bend is unique. Reminiscent of Santa Fe, the clear mountain air lends a soft, golden touch to everything, creating a warmth unmatched throughout western Oregon. As the sun set this wedding day, I had to grab the bride and groom and whisk them away for 30 minutes before the light went flat. My destination was a small pond at the edge of the groom’s family property, but this golden light, combined with the tall grass and the relaxed position of the bride and groom, had me shooting with my 70-200 mm lens even as the couple walked to the water’s edge. I added a slight vignette in post to accentuate the light on the couple. No flash was used in this image.

wedding photographers Eugene