Entering the Ceremony

Finding a good vantage point from which to photograph both the bride and the groom as they enter the ceremony site (if it’s not in a church), can be a challenge. At this wedding there was a hill just above the seating area that afforded me a view of both angles. The groom and his groomsmen all entered first, then the bride and her bridesmaids. I always love this moment, the one just before the couple sees each other.

Bend wedding photographer

Bend wedding photographer

Light Bender

I love the last light of a summer evening. At this wedding, in Bend, the smoke from a few fires in the area made for some really warm light as the sun went down. I positioned the couple across the pond from me so I could get their reflection. Wanting to make sure I exposed for all that nice light, as well as to catch some of their reflection, I underexposed about a stop or so, then used an off-camera flash (positioned on camera-right) to add just enough light to make the couple stand out. This, combined with a fast lens shot at a long distance, helped complete the image.

Bend wedding photographer

A Bend wedding

The light in Bend is unique. Reminiscent of Santa Fe, the clear mountain air lends a soft, golden touch to everything, creating a warmth unmatched throughout western Oregon. As the sun set this wedding day, I had to grab the bride and groom and whisk them away for 30 minutes before the light went flat. My destination was a small pond at the edge of the groom’s family property, but this golden light, combined with the tall grass and the relaxed position of the bride and groom, had me shooting with my 70-200 mm lens even as the couple walked to the water’s edge. I added a slight vignette in post to accentuate the light on the couple. No flash was used in this image.

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The Mother-Son dance

The first dance between a groom and his mother is always special: poignant and happy at the same time. At this Bend wedding I noticed the bride watching her new husband dance with his mom and knew I wanted to include her (the bride) in the frame. Since I already had my off-camera lighting set up by the dance floor it was easy to set my aperture to f2.8, focus on the groom and his mom, and complete the foreground with the out-of-focus bride and her Maid of Honor. Having shot 100s of weddings, this is where experience paid off: I knew there’d be a moment like this, and I had all my gear set up beforehand, so all I had to do was position myself in the right place. The bride had no idea I was behind her during this shot. 🙂

wedding photographers Bend Oregon


More from the Bend wedding a couple weeks ago. The sun was nearly set and the ambient light was very warm but also a little too dim for me to effectively portray this couple’s reflection in the pond. I could’ve used an ND filter and no flash but I wanted the effect of directional side-lighting so I set up a light about five feet from the couple and fired away. By raising my ISO and using a relatively slow shutter speed I was still able to incorporate much of the ambient light as well.

Bend wedding photographer

Room for everyone

At this Bend wedding, with views of all of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, it was easy to find great backgrounds. Creating a fun foreground was also important and, since a lot of the friends and family had decided to camp on the property for the entire weekend, I thought of all those tents which inspired me to create this image.

Bend wedding photographer

A Beautiful Bend Beginning

Alex and Chelsea were married at Alex’s family estate in Bend, Oregon this past weekend. I took this shot as we were walking to a nearby pond, just as the sun was going down.

Bend wedding photographer

Good til the Last Drop

When it comes time for the bride and groom to share their first piece of wedding cake, I never know what to expect. This, however, was as messy as I’ve ever seen:)

This image was made at the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. The venue was completely dark but all I used was some bounce flash, directed into the white wall behind me and to my left. I could’ve slowed down the shutter speed a little, and let in some more ambient light, but I wanted the cake-covered groom to stand out so I left the background just dark enough that the guests were visible but not competing for space within the frame.

wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

Attention to Details

It’s always nice to have a helpful Maid of Honor. In this Broken Top wedding, shot in Bend, the MOH maid sure the bride’s dress was going to look perfect as her father escorted her down the aisle.

Bend Wedding

Katherine & Spencer were married at the Broken Top resort in Bend this past summer, and it was a splendid day for a wedding in Central Oregon. Katherine bought her dress at Bella Brides and I thought it looked stunning when contrasted against these lovely aspens. This image was made just after sunset, when the light was perfect and the temperature had cooled. I used my long lens and ambient light only, no flash for this image.