The Dress & the First Look

Picking out the bridal dress is one of the most important decisions a bride has to make. Backless? Lace? Veil? After spending so much time (and money!) on the perfect dress, it’s only natural that when the groom sees his new bride for the first time, in her dress, it’s a very special moment. Whether or not this first look happens before the ceremony or when the bride walks down the aisle, the buildup to that moment is awesome.

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Indiana Jones?

The groom from this past Saturday’s wedding at The Inn at Diamond Woods really loved his hat so I told him to put it on. The hat, along with the .45 he had strapped to his leg, reminded me of Indiana Jones.

Eugene wedding photographer

Katy & Brian wedding. August 8th, 2015

Entering the Ceremony

Finding a good vantage point from which to photograph both the bride and the groom as they enter the ceremony site (if it’s not in a church), can be a challenge. At this wedding there was a hill just above the seating area that afforded me a view of both angles. The groom and his groomsmen all entered first, then the bride and her bridesmaids. I always love this moment, the one just before the couple sees each other.

Bend wedding photographer

Bend wedding photographer

A Tree of Their Own

Whenever I shoot a wedding, I’m always looking for places that will make great images. When I saw this willow tree, with its large canopy of overhanging branches, I knew what I wanted to do. The entire wedding party is in the frame, but only the bride and groom are the subjects of the photo. I wanted to demonstrate the intimacy of marriage: your friends are still close, but it’s just the two of you who are in focus.

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Late in the Evening

Whisper’n’Oaks is one of my favorite wedding venues in Lane County. The property is going through some remodeling this year, as I understand, but I cannot imagine what Donna (the owner) can possibly do to improve it!

This image was made just after the sun had set. Haylie & Jonathan had wanted to do some wedding photos in the wheat fields surrounding the property but all the wheat had been harvested the week before. Luckily, as the name Whisper’n’Oaks implies, there were plenty of other great locations to use. Again, the use of an off-camera flash was crucial here in lighting my subjects. The winds were so strong my softboxes wouldn’t stay up, so I had to use a bare speedlight, but Canon makes a great product and the 600EX-RT was up to the task.

Eugene wedding photographer

HAPPY 2014!!

Hard to believe it’s already 2014! For all those who have wedding plans this year, congratulations! Here’s a fun shot in honor of the day’s festivities.


Eugene wedding photographer

Looking for the perfect dress

I get to see a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ moments during a wedding. The bride is almost always surrounded by her bridesmaids and her mother, who dote on her and make sure she’s looking her best. The groom, on the other hand, is often left alone, or with just his best man as they try and decide how long they can wait to put their suits on. I created this juxtaposition from a wedding I shot near Atlanta this past year.


The Wedding Dress

Giving her Away

This father-of-the-bride had some last minute advice, and one very nice gift, for his daughter on her wedding day. Two of her bridesmaids just couldn’t keep from sneaking a peek!

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