Ring detail, Sarver Winery wedding

Once a couple becomes married, it’s rare to see their rings together. It’s also rare to see any inscriptions that may be inside the groom’s ring. Also, they’re so shiny and new on the wedding day, it’s a great time to photograph them. I even had one bride use one of my images from her wedding to help with an insurance claim after her ring was stolen!

Matt Emrich Photo, Eugene wedding photographer

Matt Emrich Photo, Eugene wedding photographer

Stewart Family Farm wedding

Located in the picturesque community of Harrisburg, Oregon, Stewart Family Farm is a great wedding venue. This 5th-generation property has it all: massive shade trees, expansive lawn areas, water access and optional on-site catering. There’s even a separate ‘Groom’s Cabin’ which means the entire wedding party can get ready at the same time. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue, add Stewart Family Farm to your list!

Stewart Family Farm wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Stewart Family Farm wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Stewart Family Farm wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Indiana Jones?

The groom from this past Saturday’s wedding at The Inn at Diamond Woods really loved his hat so I told him to put it on. The hat, along with the .45 he had strapped to his leg, reminded me of Indiana Jones.

Eugene wedding photographer

Katy & Brian wedding. August 8th, 2015


Kaley and Derek braved this past Saturday’s rain showers and I’m glad they did. This shot was taken just before the ceremony, right after the First Look.

Eugene wedding photographers

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More from Youngberg Hill

Going through some of my weddings at Youngberg Hill, a beautiful vineyard in McMinnville, I realized I should post some more photos. These are from Melissa and Daniel’s wedding. The weather was perfect: lots of textured clouds in the sky at first, followed by warm, golden sunlight towards evening.

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill, near the town of McMinnville, is one of Oregon’s premiere wedding venues. With stunning views and excellent facilities — not to mention their superb wine! — Youngberg Hill is a fantastic place to get married. This image is of the bride going over her vows. I applied a slight Gaussian blur in Photoshop, also allowing for the writing to remain sharp and crisp.

Matt Emrich Photo, Portland wedding photographer

We Did It!

After all the planning and work that goes into making a successful wedding, the bride and groom aren’t truly married until the license has been signed and witnessed. I always make sure to get a few photos of this momentous event, since most of the time it takes place away from all the family and guests. At this Atavista Farms wedding, between Katie and Wes, they were certainly aware of the moment 🙂

Atavista Farms wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Amazon photo

I was happy to learn that one of my photos was used as a book cover for a newly-published book of poetry by Steve Child, on Amazon. This image was originally taken at the Oregon coast, near the city of Yachats, from a place called Hillside Lodge. Steve is an amazing musician and the Hillside Lodge is an amazing property so I’m glad these two were paired together 🙂

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King Estate on hiatus

A lot of brides-to-be came up to me at my Oregon Wedding Showcase booth last month, asking where some of my images were taken. Since I’ve shot quite a few weddings at King Estate over the last 10 years, I naturally had a lot of those images at my booth (since I love King Estate weddings!). I was shocked to hear that King Estate was no longer a wedding venue, not even down at The Pavilion area. I got in touch with the King Estate hospitality coordinator, a woman I’ve worked with a number of times, and she assured me that it was indeed true; there will be no more weddings at King Estate (at least in the near future, she said). I guess I’ll just have to go there and drink good wine!

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Depth of field

Using a long telephoto lens, in this case a Canon 70-200 mm f2.8, with a shallow depth of field (meaning only a small part of the image is in focus), is a great way to isolate your subjects. In this photo of Chelsea and Alex, at their wedding in Bend, I wanted to focus on the couple as they walked hand in hand as husband and wife for the first time; I also wanted to include the venue but didn’t want the couple to get ‘lost’ in the photo by having everything else in focus. By shooting at f2.8 I was able to bring Alex and Chelsea into clear focus and blur out everything else. Having a blurred foreground and background really draws your eyes to the couple. Also, I didn’t put them in the center of the frame, opting instead to position them at the left which gives them ‘somewhere to go’ in the image (since they’re walking to their right).

Bend wedding photographer