Ring detail, Sarver Winery wedding

Once a couple becomes married, it’s rare to see their rings together. It’s also rare to see any inscriptions that may be inside the groom’s ring. Also, they’re so shiny and new on the wedding day, it’s a great time to photograph them. I even had one bride use one of my images from her wedding to help with an insurance claim after her ring was stolen!

Matt Emrich Photo, Eugene wedding photographer

Matt Emrich Photo, Eugene wedding photographer

Details are important

When shooting a wedding I always take care to include plenty of detail shots; these images really help when it comes time for creating albums. Whether I use the detail images as opaque backgrounds or as full-size pages, they are a wonderful way to personalize each couple’s album. While I was shooting the wedding rings at a wedding a few weeks ago, I noticed a copy of the wedding itinerary on a nearby dresser. Using a very shallow DOF (depth of field), I was able to highlight the rings and also draw attention to the names of the bride and groom. If you’re shooting a wedding, be sure to look for these kinds of images!

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Shelby & Levi wedding. July 18th, 2015

May I have the rings, please

The wedding rings are the most enduring symbol of marriage; it’s important to photograph them in a way that highlights their importance. I have a handful of ways I shoot the rings and this is one of my favorites. Using an aperture like f2.8 allows the rings to become the focal point while the newlyweds become an intriguing background.

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Shelby & Levi wedding. July 18th, 2015

The Ring

It’s that time of year again: a lot of guys have bought engagement rings and are waiting for Christmas so they can finally pop the question! The rings, along with the photo album, are the longest lasting keepsakes of any wedding so it’s always important to get a few nice photos of them on the big day.

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