2018 Oregon Wedding Showcase

The 2018 Oregon Wedding Showcase is happening next weekend at the Lane Events Center in Eugene, Oregon (i.e., the Lane County Fairgrounds). This is the place to find wedding photographers, wedding dresses, wedding DJs, wedding venues, wedding caterers and all other things wedding related. Don’t miss it!


Sunset backlighting

This image is from another Oregon vineyard wedding, at King Estate. While King Estate no longer offers wedding venue services, it’s still a fantastic place for lunch or dinner and they make great Pinot. Also, they still let me use their property for taking photographs; it’s an excellent place for engagement photos! As I’ve stated in previous posts, I normally use some form of flash in my portrait photography: it just helps images look more natural, ironically enough (the use of fill-flash replicates how our eyes actually see things). However, there are some instances where the use of flash is simply not necessary. This is one such instance. The sun was just setting behind the newlyweds and I really liked how the light flared out behind them. Using fill flash would have taken away some of that contrast which, in this case, I wanted to show.

Oregon vineyard wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Oregon Vineyard Weddings

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is loaded with amazing vineyards, and most have wedding venue facilities. Each has its own unique atmosphere and all offer wonderful photographic opportunities. This image was taken at Sylvan Ridge, located in between Eugene and Cottage Grove. The sun had just gone down and all that remained was golden light, without any shadows. In other words, my favorite time of day for wedding photography!

Sylvan Ridge wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Hendricks Park Wedding, Eugene

Eugene has so many places for great wedding photography, it’s hard to pick a single favorite. One of those favorites has to be Hendricks Park. Filled with wandering paths and incredible trees, Hendricks Park is a great place for engagement photos, too. If you’re shooting a wedding in Eugene, and the venue itself isn’t as spectacular as you’d like it, head to Hendricks Park! This couple got married elsewhere in Eugene but wanted some ‘great outdoor shots’ for their album. The late summer sun had nearly set by the time we arrived and the light was all soft and golden. This image was taken towards the end of the shoot, when the bride and groom were ready for a little rest (I always try and incorporate some sitting and lying-down photos, if only to give the newlyweds a break!).

Hendricks Park wedding, Eugene

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo. Hendricks Park

Team Bride

This bride and her bridesmaid were all cheerleaders together in high school. I was amazed how fast the Maid of Honor was able to leap up to the top here!

Eugene Wedding Photographer

Shelby & Levi wedding. July 18th, 2015

First Look, Part III

This is the final installment of the First Look series I’ve been showcasing this week. In this case, the groom was so nervous about the first look he asked his Best Man to bring him a little liquid courage. Seeing this, and knowing how nervous the groom was, I decided to play a little joke on him that I thought would help loosen him up even more than the whiskey. Since he hadn’t seen his bride yet, I had the bride’s mother step in and be the one who tapped the groom on his shoulder. When he turned around, expecting to finally see his beautiful bride in her dress, he was completely shocked at seeing his future mother-in-law! This idea came to me out of the blue and it’s one I’ve used ever since. I suppose I’d better show that image in my next post…

wedding photographers in Eugene

The Dress & the First Look

Picking out the bridal dress is one of the most important decisions a bride has to make. Backless? Lace? Veil? After spending so much time (and money!) on the perfect dress, it’s only natural that when the groom sees his new bride for the first time, in her dress, it’s a very special moment. Whether or not this first look happens before the ceremony or when the bride walks down the aisle, the buildup to that moment is awesome.

wedding photographers in Eugene

The one that got away

I like to have a little fun with the bride and groom during the Wedding Party photos. Once I saw the groom was wearing a long tie (ie, not a bow-tie), I knew I’d make this image. Some couples are okay with this sort of playacting and some aren’t; I always take my cue from the couple and these two were great fun!

wedding photographers in Eugene

Kaley & Derek wedding. Harrisburg, Oregon

Stewart Family Farm wedding

Located in the picturesque community of Harrisburg, Oregon, Stewart Family Farm is a great wedding venue. This 5th-generation property has it all: massive shade trees, expansive lawn areas, water access and optional on-site catering. There’s even a separate ‘Groom’s Cabin’ which means the entire wedding party can get ready at the same time. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue, add Stewart Family Farm to your list!

Stewart Family Farm wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Stewart Family Farm wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Stewart Family Farm wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

The perfect wedding venue

The Inn at Diamond Woods, near Monroe, is an absolutely amazing wedding venue. With spacious lodging facilities, and a wonderful location adjacent to the golf course, The Inn at Diamond Woods is a gem. This wedding, a few weeks ago, really showcased the beauty of the venue. Check it out!

The Inn at Diamond Woods, Eugene wedding photographer

Katy & Brian wedding. August 8th, 2015