Hendricks Park Wedding, Eugene

Eugene has so many places for great wedding photography, it’s hard to pick a single favorite. One of those favorites has to be Hendricks Park. Filled with wandering paths and incredible trees, Hendricks Park is a great place for engagement photos, too. If you’re shooting a wedding in Eugene, and the venue itself isn’t as spectacular as you’d like it, head to Hendricks Park! This couple got married elsewhere in Eugene but wanted some ‘great outdoor shots’ for their album. The late summer sun had nearly set by the time we arrived and the light was all soft and golden. This image was taken towards the end of the shoot, when the bride and groom were ready for a little rest (I always try and incorporate some sitting and lying-down photos, if only to give the newlyweds a break!).

Hendricks Park wedding, Eugene

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo. Hendricks Park

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