Sunset backlighting

This image is from another Oregon vineyard wedding, at King Estate. While King Estate no longer offers wedding venue services, it’s still a fantastic place for lunch or dinner and they make great Pinot. Also, they still let me use their property for taking photographs; it’s an excellent place for engagement photos! As I’ve stated in previous posts, I normally use some form of flash in my portrait photography: it just helps images look more natural, ironically enough (the use of fill-flash replicates how our eyes actually see things). However, there are some instances where the use of flash is simply not necessary. This is one such instance. The sun was just setting behind the newlyweds and I really liked how the light flared out behind them. Using fill flash would have taken away some of that contrast which, in this case, I wanted to show.

Oregon vineyard wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Backlighting a subject

At this Deep Woods wedding the rain was coming down in buckets all day long. Since the wedding venue is obviously an important place to the bride and groom, I knew I had to get some shots that showed a little of the grounds, even if it was raining. Deep Woods has a covered patio area that was the perfect place to place my subjects. It was quite dark there, with no artificial lighting and a very dark day outside as well. Like I always say, however, I love using all available light so I brought out the lights I had available with me. Placing one behind the bride allowed me to light up her hair and separate her from the background a bit. Another light was setup to the bride’s right, set at a lower power and my last speedlight was on my Canon 5D3. No more dark and dreary day!

Deep Woods Wedding photographer