Backlighting a subject

At this Deep Woods wedding the rain was coming down in buckets all day long. Since the wedding venue is obviously an important place to the bride and groom, I knew I had to get some shots that showed a little of the grounds, even if it was raining. Deep Woods has a covered patio area that was the perfect place to place my subjects. It was quite dark there, with no artificial lighting and a very dark day outside as well. Like I always say, however, I love using all available light so I brought out the lights I had available with me. Placing one behind the bride allowed me to light up her hair and separate her from the background a bit. Another light was setup to the bride’s right, set at a lower power and my last speedlight was on my Canon 5D3. No more dark and dreary day!

Deep Woods Wedding photographer

Tug of war

I like to set up a shot like this whenever there’s a large wedding party. The standard poses are all well and good but it’s also important to have some fun, too! This image was taken at Deep Woods Events in Elmira, Oregon.

Deep Woods Events wedding photographer

Lighting up a rainy day

At this Deep Woods wedding in Veneta, the rain didn’t let up all day. Not only did the ceremony have to be moved indoors, the photography was limited as well; naturally, the bride didn’t want to walk through the woods in her wedding dress! A small patio just outside the reception hall was all I needed. The venue’s wooded backdrop was clearly visible in the background and I had plenty of lights to make the bride stand out. I positioned the bride just under the edge of the overhang and put a speedlight behind her, out in the rain. I really like how that combination made the raindrops visible, as well as providing some nice rim lighting that separated the bride from the darker background. It was completely dark on the patio, under the overhanging roof, so I used another off-camera speedlight to light up the front of the bride, as well as a bit of fill light from my on-camera speedlight (all lights were the Canon 600EX-RT). Without the addition of these extra lights it would have been impossible for me to expose properly for both the bride and the deep woods behind her. Glad I had them available!

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Creative Cropping

This is another image from Tariq and Jared’s wedding at Deep Woods in Veneta, Oregon. The original image was shot vertically and the couple was facing each other. I rotated the image about 40 degrees and cropped it horizontally. Shooting in RAW with a Canon 5D Mark III gave me plenty of megapixels; I was able to crop the image by more than 50% and still give the couple a 10″ x 15″ final print.

Deep Woods Wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Deep Woods wedding

Tariq and Jared were married at Deep Woods, near Veneta. The tall trees surrounding this place not only give the venue its name, they also provide wonderful dappled light in the late afternoon and evening.

Deep Woods wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Parker Falls Engagement

Heather and Lamar are getting married this September at Deep Woods (in Elmira, OR). They contracted me to shoot their engagement photos as well and they chose to have them done at the same place Lamar proposed, at Parker Falls, located way up Brice Creek in between Cottage Grove and Oakridge. The lighting was a little tricky but the hardest part was wading through the thigh-high water in order to put my light stand at the most flattering angle…this meant I had to place the stand directly in the flowing water and hope the large rock behind it would hold it in place! It did:)

Deep Woods wedding, mattemrichphoto, Matt Emrich Photo