Lighting up a rainy day

At this Deep Woods wedding in Veneta, the rain didn’t let up all day. Not only did the ceremony have to be moved indoors, the photography was limited as well; naturally, the bride didn’t want to walk through the woods in her wedding dress! A small patio just outside the reception hall was all I needed. The venue’s wooded backdrop was clearly visible in the background and I had plenty of lights to make the bride stand out. I positioned the bride just under the edge of the overhang and put a speedlight behind her, out in the rain. I really like how that combination made the raindrops visible, as well as providing some nice rim lighting that separated the bride from the darker background. It was completely dark on the patio, under the overhanging roof, so I used another off-camera speedlight to light up the front of the bride, as well as a bit of fill light from my on-camera speedlight (all lights were the Canon 600EX-RT). Without the addition of these extra lights it would have been impossible for me to expose properly for both the bride and the deep woods behind her. Glad I had them available!

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

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