King Estate Weddings in 2017?

I recently heard a rumor King Estate was going to start hosting weddings again; this is very exciting news! When they  stopped hosting weddings a couple years ago, it was because they were remodeling their Pavilion area into a bistro and were looking to attract a more casual crowd, folks who maybe wanted to stop by for a beer and a sandwich, not a bottle of Pinot and truffle fries. However, according to the sommelier I spoke with yesterday, they are rethinking that idea since the completely updated Pavilion has turned out so well. I have yet to confirm this with the King Estate event coordinator but will update this post as soon as I know for sure!

Sunset backlighting

This image is from another Oregon vineyard wedding, at King Estate. While King Estate no longer offers wedding venue services, it’s still a fantastic place for lunch or dinner and they make great Pinot. Also, they still let me use their property for taking photographs; it’s an excellent place for engagement photos! As I’ve stated in previous posts, I normally use some form of flash in my portrait photography: it just helps images look more natural, ironically enough (the use of fill-flash replicates how our eyes actually see things). However, there are some instances where the use of flash is simply not necessary. This is one such instance. The sun was just setting behind the newlyweds and I really liked how the light flared out behind them. Using fill flash would have taken away some of that contrast which, in this case, I wanted to show.

Oregon vineyard wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Oregon Vineyard Weddings

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is loaded with amazing vineyards, and most have wedding venue facilities. Each has its own unique atmosphere and all offer wonderful photographic opportunities. This image was taken at Sylvan Ridge, located in between Eugene and Cottage Grove. The sun had just gone down and all that remained was golden light, without any shadows. In other words, my favorite time of day for wedding photography!

Sylvan Ridge wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

More from Youngberg Hill

Going through some of my weddings at Youngberg Hill, a beautiful vineyard in McMinnville, I realized I should post some more photos. These are from Melissa and Daniel’s wedding. The weather was perfect: lots of textured clouds in the sky at first, followed by warm, golden sunlight towards evening.

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

King Estate on hiatus

A lot of brides-to-be came up to me at my Oregon Wedding Showcase booth last month, asking where some of my images were taken. Since I’ve shot quite a few weddings at King Estate over the last 10 years, I naturally had a lot of those images at my booth (since I love King Estate weddings!). I was shocked to hear that King Estate was no longer a wedding venue, not even down at The Pavilion area. I got in touch with the King Estate hospitality coordinator, a woman I’ve worked with a number of times, and she assured me that it was indeed true; there will be no more weddings at King Estate (at least in the near future, she said). I guess I’ll just have to go there and drink good wine!

wedding photographer Eugene

Planning your wedding?

I’m starting to get inquiries for 2015 weddings and thought I’d put up a few links to some helpful sites. If you haven’t heard of Etsy, it’s a great place to shop for everything wedding related (or to simply get really cool ideas). The same goes for Pinterest. I have a few Pinterest pages; one for wedding photography and one for wedding cakes. 2015 is just around the corner so it’s never too early! This image is from a wedding I shot at Silvan Ridge, in Lane County’s wine country along Territorial Highway.

Silvan Ridge wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Silvan Ridge wedding by Matt Emrich Photo

Under the Lights, at Silvan Ridge

Lane County has so many great vineyards, it’s hard to see them all in one day. I recommend staying at The Blue Rooster B&B and making a weekend out of it. One of my favorite places to photograph weddings is at Silvan Ridge (formerly called Hinman Vineyards), directly across the road from Sweet Cheeks. This couple, Krista and Brian, flew in from Chicago and had a few days to make the place their own. Brian installed these lights over the dance floor and I thought that was a great idea. This was taken late at night, after almost everyone else had gone home, and it was just the bride and groom alone for the first time all day.


Silvan Ridge wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo, wedding photographer Eugene

King Estate Sunset

It’s that time of year again; the time of year here in western Oregon when we have long nights with lots of golden sunsets. Danielle & Brian were married at The Pavilion at King Estate.


King Estate wedding photographer