A St. John’s Wedding

Portland is blessed with lots of wonderful wedding venues. This wedding, however, didn’t take place at a venue; instead, it took place under the St John’s Bridge, a Portland icon. There’s a park there called, fittingly enough, Cathedral Park! It was quite sunny and warm that day but I saw a shady willow tree I knew would make for a nice backdrop.


Portland wedding photographer


Portland wedding photographer


Portland wedding photographer


Portland wedding photographer

Weddings in 2017

The Oregon Wedding Showcase is happening in three weeks at the Lane Events Center in Eugene and I’ve already been inundated with requests for photography; brides are hoping to lock in their dates earlier and earlier every year! If you’re still looking for a photographer, or just want to score lots of free swag, stop by the showcase; I still have dates available. I’ll have a raffle at my booth (right next to David’s Bridal) and who knows what may be on offer 🙂 Last year I gave away a free engagement session.

Here are some fun photos to remind everyone that winter will soon give way to spring, then summer!


Portland wedding photographer Portland wedding photographer Oregon Coast wedding photographer Bridal Veil Lakes wedding photographer



Portland Weddings

About half the weddings I shoot these days take place in the Portland area. Since Portland is less than two hours away, and it’s the biggest city in the state, I guess that makes sense! This couple really wanted to feature Portland-ness in their images so I took them to Tom McCall Waterfront Park and they braved the wind and rain for a few quick minutes, long enough for me to create a series of waterfront images. This was one of their favorites.


Tom McCall Waterfront Park wedding

One for the road

At this Bridal Veil Lakes wedding (located an hour east of Portland), it was such a hot day, the groom really wanted to finish his ice cold drink even as I was taking photos! Sometimes these moments can be fun, and this was one of those times.


Eugene wedding photographer, Portland wedding photographer; © Matt Emrich Photo



Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding Venue

Bridal Veil Lakes is located about an hour east of Portland in the town of Corbett, Oregon. It’s a truly spectacular wedding venue with all the amenities.

Portland wedding photographer

Light Bender

I love the last light of a summer evening. At this wedding, in Bend, the smoke from a few fires in the area made for some really warm light as the sun went down. I positioned the couple across the pond from me so I could get their reflection. Wanting to make sure I exposed for all that nice light, as well as to catch some of their reflection, I underexposed about a stop or so, then used an off-camera flash (positioned on camera-right) to add just enough light to make the couple stand out. This, combined with a fast lens shot at a long distance, helped complete the image.

Bend wedding photographer

More from Youngberg Hill

Going through some of my weddings at Youngberg Hill, a beautiful vineyard in McMinnville, I realized I should post some more photos. These are from Melissa and Daniel’s wedding. The weather was perfect: lots of textured clouds in the sky at first, followed by warm, golden sunlight towards evening.

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill wedding

Youngberg Hill, near the town of McMinnville, is one of Oregon’s premiere wedding venues. With stunning views and excellent facilities — not to mention their superb wine! — Youngberg Hill is a fantastic place to get married. This image is of the bride going over her vows. I applied a slight Gaussian blur in Photoshop, also allowing for the writing to remain sharp and crisp.

Matt Emrich Photo, Portland wedding photographer

A Very Western Wedding

The old Gulick Homestead, located in The Dalles, Oregon, is a fantastic place for photos. I was staying at a hotel nearby and, as soon as I saw this location, I called the bride and told her to grab the groom and meet me at my hotel; I had a surprise for them. It was another stormy fall day but the rain held off for this shoot. I really love the rustic setting and the amazing colors. We spent a good 30 minutes here, using the various buildings and foregrounds, until the bride got too cold to continue so we wrapped it up and headed for the church. The groom got a ride with his parents, leaving the bride their own vehicle. What he didn’t know was that he’d put her set of keys into his pocket before he left! My car is a little 2-seater so there was no way I was going to fit the bride and her bridesmaids in with me but it was really starting to get cold and I couldn’t just leave them all standing out there, so I managed to stuff the bride in the passenger seat next to me and we took off after the groom and his parents. She got the keys back and we all made it to church on time.

The Dalles wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

An Autumn wedding

Lauren and Chris were married in Forest Grove, Oregon and had their reception at a nearby McMenamins (The Grand Lodge). Typical of our October weather here in western Oregon, it was pouring down rain. Luckily, the Grand Lodge has ample indoor space for photos as well as a very large, covered, outdoor porch. Lauren and Chris used the indoor theater for their reception area and made sure there were fall accents everywhere, including the cake table. I liked this scene so much I thought it would be a great place to photograph their wedding rings so I slipped them over the shafts of wheat to the left of the cake. It was nearly dark in the theater so I set up two remote lights, one in each corner near the head table, facing into the room. By doing this, I was able to reproduce the look of natural light coming in from large windows (which the theater does indeed have, but the reception took place in the evening).

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo