At Atavista Farm, in Brownsville, Oregon, you’ll find everything you need for your outdoor Oregon wedding. It’s simply spectacular. These are some images from Wes & Katie’s wedding I shot at Atavista.

Atavista Farms Wedding. Brownsville, OR






















Light Bender

I love the last light of a summer evening. At this wedding, in Bend, the smoke from a few fires in the area made for some really warm light as the sun went down. I positioned the couple across the pond from me so I could get their reflection. Wanting to make sure I exposed for all that nice light, as well as to catch some of their reflection, I underexposed about a stop or so, then used an off-camera flash (positioned on camera-right) to add just enough light to make the couple stand out. This, combined with a fast lens shot at a long distance, helped complete the image.

Bend wedding photographer

Outstanding in their field

Another from the Whisper’n’Oaks sunset series with Brenna and Anthony. More images are available here.

Matt Emrich Photo, Eugene wedding photographer