At Atavista Farm, in Brownsville, Oregon, you’ll find everything you need for your outdoor Oregon wedding. It’s simply spectacular. These are some images from Wes & Katie’s wedding I shot at Atavista.

Atavista Farms Wedding. Brownsville, OR






















Depth of field

Using a long telephoto lens, in this case a Canon 70-200 mm f2.8, with a shallow depth of field (meaning only a small part of the image is in focus), is a great way to isolate your subjects. In this photo of Chelsea and Alex, at their wedding in Bend, I wanted to focus on the couple as they walked hand in hand as husband and wife for the first time; I also wanted to include the venue but didn’t want the couple to get ‘lost’ in the photo by having everything else in focus. By shooting at f2.8 I was able to bring Alex and Chelsea into clear focus and blur out everything else. Having a blurred foreground and background really draws your eyes to the couple. Also, I didn’t put them in the center of the frame, opting instead to position them at the left which gives them ‘somewhere to go’ in the image (since they’re walking to their right).

Bend wedding photographer

A New Bride

Jordan couldn’t wait to whisk Trisha away for their honeymoon…it was only a dozen miles or so up the road! The Clark Creek area is stunning and Jordan had already secured a riverfront spot earlier in the day. This image was taken after the sun had disappeared behind the hills but there was still some soft twilight filtering through the trees. I hiked up here with the couple, my trusty off-camera light in one hand and my camera in the other, so we could visit the cave at the top of the climb (more on that in my next post).

Wedding photographers in Eugene

Clark Creek Engagement

Trisha and Jordan are getting married later this year at the Clark Creek campground, 12 miles west of Lowell. It’s been a few years since I’ve been up that way so it was a real treat to see it again, especially on such a beautiful spring day in late March! This image was taken around 4 in the afternoon today.

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Those warm summer nights

Winter has set in but summertime, with those wonderful balmy evenings, is just around the corner. If you’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations! Wedding dates are booking up quickly; reserve yours as soon as possible at one of the many spectacular wedding venues we have here in Oregon. This image was taken at Mt Hood Organic Farms near Hood River, Oregon.

Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding photographer