Golden Grass

Summer in Oregon is one of life’s great pleasures and Mt Hood Organic Farms may just have a claim to the best wedding venue I’ve ever had the chance to photograph here in Oregon. Located an hour or so east of Portland, Mt Hood Organic Farms is wonderful. Like a gourmet meal paired with an outstanding wine, so too is the relationship  between Mt Hood Organic Farms and its staff: not only is the scenery truly spectacular, the food is divine, as are the scattering of intimate cottages on the property; each one instilling the feeling of a charming B&B that’s all yours. Even if you’re not planning a wedding there, I recommend you stay for a weekend!


Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Those warm summer nights

Winter has set in but summertime, with those wonderful balmy evenings, is just around the corner. If you’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations! Wedding dates are booking up quickly; reserve yours as soon as possible at one of the many spectacular wedding venues we have here in Oregon. This image was taken at Mt Hood Organic Farms near Hood River, Oregon.

Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding photographer

Filling the Frame

Whenever I shoot at a venue with a large outdoor area and a great backdrop, I always try and do at least one ‘everyone’ shot, a shot that includes all family members, the entire wedding party, and anyone else who isn’t waiting in line at the bar:)

Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding mattemrichphoto

That Golden Light

I encourage every couple to set aside time for portraits during the ‘golden hour’ of the day. The golden hour is that magical time around sunset, 30 minutes before it sets and 30 minutes after it’s gone down.

At this wedding, near Hood River, we had to hike way up a grassy hillside to catch the last of the light but it was worth it. There’s just something about the softness of the light when the sun is very low in the sky, especially during those long days of summer, that makes everything seem timeless and warm.


Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding