Creating a more natural feeling

Most people aren’t used to be being photographed all day, let alone having an intimate moment while someone’s pointing a large camera at them. A number of years ago, while perusing the POTN site, I came across a post on some ways to make couples feel more relaxed around the camera. My favorite technique was a thing called the Kissing Game, wherein the photographer asks the groom to try and kiss the bride in her ear, and for the bride to resist as much as she feels like while not moving her feet at all. Then they switch it up. This makes for some great photos; the couple becomes focused on each other and totally forget I’m there, snapping away. In this photo, taken at Mt Hood Organic Farms, Allison and Jeff were completely caught up in the moment and I took full advantage, having already placed them in the most favorable lighting., Eugene Wedding Photographer, Portland weddi


Golden Grass

Summer in Oregon is one of life’s great pleasures and Mt Hood Organic Farms may just have a claim to the best wedding venue I’ve ever had the chance to photograph here in Oregon. Located an hour or so east of Portland, Mt Hood Organic Farms is wonderful. Like a gourmet meal paired with an outstanding wine, so too is the relationship  between Mt Hood Organic Farms and its staff: not only is the scenery truly spectacular, the food is divine, as are the scattering of intimate cottages on the property; each one instilling the feeling of a charming B&B that’s all yours. Even if you’re not planning a wedding there, I recommend you stay for a weekend!


Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Filling the Frame

Whenever I shoot at a venue with a large outdoor area and a great backdrop, I always try and do at least one ‘everyone’ shot, a shot that includes all family members, the entire wedding party, and anyone else who isn’t waiting in line at the bar:)

Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding mattemrichphoto