An Autumn wedding

Lauren and Chris were married in Forest Grove, Oregon and had their reception at a nearby McMenamins (The Grand Lodge). Typical of our October weather here in western Oregon, it was pouring down rain. Luckily, the Grand Lodge has ample indoor space for photos as well as a very large, covered, outdoor porch. Lauren and Chris used the indoor theater for their reception area and made sure there were fall accents everywhere, including the cake table. I liked this scene so much I thought it would be a great place to photograph their wedding rings so I slipped them over the shafts of wheat to the left of the cake. It was nearly dark in the theater so I set up two remote lights, one in each corner near the head table, facing into the room. By doing this, I was able to reproduce the look of natural light coming in from large windows (which the theater does indeed have, but the reception took place in the evening).

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo


Using a shallow DOF (Depth of Field)

With the abundance of cameras available, on our phones and our tablets, it’s nice to see what a difference using a real camera can make. The ability to set whatever aperture I like, combined with Canon’s razor-sharp optics, make every image pop off the page. There was a time when the introduction of digital SLR cameras was anathema to old school film shooters; these old pros saw the digital revolution as cheapening their product and this was true, to an extent. However, as the technology improved so did digital imagery, to the point where digital 35mm has surpassed 35mm film. There may come a time when smartphones and tablets come equipped with a camera that can rival the big DSLRs I use, but that day isn’t here yet (there is a new, 41 megapixel camera-phone out right now but remember, having a lot of megapixels means nothing without having an excellent image sensor behind it; it’s like putting hi-octane racing fuel into an old Ford Pinto). This image was made at Dorris Ranch in Springfield, Oregon. I was unaware of Dorris Ranch until this future bride-and-groom suggested it to me; now it’s in my Top 5 places to shoot in Eugene/Springfield!

Eugene and Springfield engagement and wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo