Husband and Wife

When a couple decides to get married, they are making the choice to share everything in their lives. Apparently, that even includes cigars! This wedding took place in Portland, up on Rocky Butte.

Portland Wedding Photographer, Matt Emrich Photo



For His Eyes Only

Putting on the garter is a process that can involve a lot of people (bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, etc) or it can be a very personal event. This bride wanted to do it herself and she only asked me to photograph it so her husband-to-be could enjoy the memory later on. This was from a wedding I shot in Portland.

Portland Wedding Photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Portland Sunset

Northwest Portland used to be an industrial part of town, at least when I lived there in the late 1980s. Now it’s full of all kinds of life, from bohemian art galleries to a multitude of brewpubs and eateries. This image was taken in The Pearl, just as the sun went down.


Portland wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

The Gerding Theatre, Portland

The Gerding Theatre is located inside the Armory Building in NW Portland and it’s a really cool place to get married! This couple chose to have their ceremony on the 2nd floor, which allowed me to get this aerial shot from the 3rd floor. They rented the entire building and their guests loved it; lots of unique spaces to visit and socialize.

Portland wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Taking the Plunge

Katie and Adam were married in Portland, under the St John’s Bridge.  I had them leap off one of the support columns because I like how much the base of the column blended in with the upright part behind it; it looks like they’ve really taken a big jump!

wedding photographer Portland

A little Halloween Fun

More images from this past weekend’s wedding at the McMenamins in Forest Grove, Oregon (the Grand Lodge). Lauren was implacable that day, despite the rain and strong wind that would have had many brides running for the bar!

McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding mattemrichphoto

McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding mattemrichphoto

A rainy McMenamins wedding

Lauren and Chris didn’t let a little weather rain on their parade at this McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding yesterday, where it was raining in biblical proportions.


McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding photographer



That Golden Light

I encourage every couple to set aside time for portraits during the ‘golden hour’ of the day. The golden hour is that magical time around sunset, 30 minutes before it sets and 30 minutes after it’s gone down.

At this wedding, near Hood River, we had to hike way up a grassy hillside to catch the last of the light but it was worth it. There’s just something about the softness of the light when the sun is very low in the sky, especially during those long days of summer, that makes everything seem timeless and warm.


Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding


More from Mt Hood Organic Farms

Before I get too busy with the rest of my 2012 weddings, I thought I’d post another  image from Mt Hood Organic Farms. The sun had already set and the only light in this photo came from the fellow with the sparkler…

Mt Hood Organic Farms wedding

Happy 4th of July!

Anne & Ian were married at the McMenamins Sandtrap in Gearhart, Oregon this past Sunday. As we walked along the beach at sunset I knew I wanted to make this image for a July 4th posting:)


Oregon coast wedding photographer