Weddings in 2017

The Oregon Wedding Showcase is happening in three weeks at the Lane Events Center in Eugene and I’ve already been inundated with requests for photography; brides are hoping to lock in their dates earlier and earlier every year! If you’re still looking for a photographer, or just want to score lots of free swag, stop by the showcase; I still have dates available. I’ll have a raffle at my booth (right next to David’s Bridal) and who knows what may be on offer 🙂 Last year I gave away a free engagement session.

Here are some fun photos to remind everyone that winter will soon give way to spring, then summer!


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Oregon Coast Wedding in the Woods

Much of the Oregon coast is buffered by forest, often resembling paths right out of a Tolkien novel. At this wedding, near Yachats, Emily & Tom and wanted some photos along the ocean. Walking through this otherworldly forest, I had them stop for a few moments so I could capture this scene of them all alone, as newlyweds.

Eugene wedding photographer



Running Wild

I’ve been playing around with a new aspect ratio (2:1) for the photos on my main site and I wanted to post one here as well, to see how it looked. This image is of a wedding I shot down in Scottsburg, on the way to the Oregon coast from Cottage Grove. The venue belongs to the groom’s family; they have a nice piece of property right on the banks of the Umpqua River. The sun had just gone down and the light was very warm and soft. Spying this field of tall grass and wildflowers, I asked Vinnie and Valerie to run towards me and to see who could help the other win the race 🙂

wedding photographers in Eugene, Oregon

Heaven Sent

Amanda and John’s Oregon coast wedding was beautiful. Even though it rained off and on during the day, the clouds parted occasionally, letting in light like this; a soft beam that managed to fall directly onto the couple. We spent about 30 minutes on the coast, after the ceremony, and the light was pretty flat until this moment. Then it was beautiful. I was very happy to see such light since it’s quite a challenge to set up off-camera lighting on the coast, where winds regularly gust up to 30 mph.

Oregon coast wedding photographer

I love my iPhone camera!

As a professional photographer who’s had to overcome the ever-increasing number of wedding guests who stand up during the ceremony so they can get ‘the shot’ with their iPhones, I must say I do love the camera on my own iPhone. I’ve become enamored of the Pano feature. This image was taken in Bandon, along the southern Oregon coast. The high overlook jutted out far enough that I knew a panoramic image would look good here, since my immediate foreground wouldn’t look unnaturally distorted. The first image is the actual photo; the second one is how it looks in the large frame at my house (the frame is 5′ by 16″).

Bandon Panoramic

Bandon Pano Frames

More from the Oregon Coast

The afternoon light at this Yachats wedding along the Oregon Coast was a little flat, but it also gave off a unique yellow hue. This was due to the yellow tones of the sand being reflected by the overcast skies. I decided not to use any artificial lighting for this shoot. First off, it was extremely windy and any off-camera lights would have been difficult to sustain. Secondly, I liked the ambient light, the yellowy glow.


Oregon coast wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Oregon coast wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Oregon Coast wedding, great light!

As I was walking with Amy and Jeff, along the Oregon Coast, a huge ray of light appeared, shining directly onto the newlyweds. What a treat!


Oregon Coast wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo