The Reveal

When a bride and groom see each other for the first time, I call it the First Look. Other people call this moment The Reveal, although this term specifically refers to a pre-ceremony, staged occurrence. In the example below, Jenna and Tom opted to see each other before the ceremony. Jenna was great in front of the camera, a perfect model.

CH Bailey House wedding photographer


Running Wild

I’ve been playing around with a new aspect ratio (2:1) for the photos on my main site and I wanted to post one here as well, to see how it looked. This image is of a wedding I shot down in Scottsburg, on the way to the Oregon coast from Cottage Grove. The venue belongs to the groom’s family; they have a nice piece of property right on the banks of the Umpqua River. The sun had just gone down and the light was very warm and soft. Spying this field of tall grass and wildflowers, I asked Vinnie and Valerie to run towards me and to see who could help the other win the race 🙂

wedding photographers in Eugene, Oregon

One last look

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, and every mother wants to be there for the final moments before her daughter walks down the aisle. This was taken in the bridal room at The Seven Springs Ranch in Glide, Oregon (near Roseburg).

Seven Springs Ranch wedding photographer

Hay You

Heather & Jon were married at the Big K Ranch in Elkton, Oregon along the banks of the Umpqua River. Heather, who’s from England, was a great sport and a very entertaining bride.

Big K Ranch Wedding, Roseburg Wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

A Freestylin’ Frolic In The Fescue

Vinnie and Valerie were married at Vinnie’s grandparents’ place along the Umpqua River near Scottsburg, Oregon. I really liked the tall grass and blooming yarrow in this field, as well as the rustic fence that surrounded it.

We spent about 15 minutes in this field and this was their favorite image. I asked them to see who could run to me the fastest and Vinnie, ever the gentleman, made sure his bride went first:)


Roseburg Wedding Photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

A Perfect Catch

Laurel & Jacob were married this past August at the Seven Springs Ranch near Glide, Oregon. Their ceremony site was located near the lodge, which is nestled in a deep valley that gets dark much sooner than the surrounding hillsides. Looking out at those hills, after the cake had been cut, I saw this golden light so I grabbed the newlyweds and their best man (as a driver:) and we raced up the hill just in time. Since I was thinking about ‘catching the light’ I also wanted Jacob to catch Laurel as she jumped into his arms. This works best with couples that aren’t the same height and Jacob is as tall as I am (6′ 3″) so that was fine. We also spent some time in and around the gazebo at the top of the hill, which is another ceremony option (but it’s up a really steep hill so elderly guests and small children might have a hard time making it there!).

The images I made with Jacob and Laurel during this ‘golden hour’ were their favorites of the day. I encourage couples to set aside at least 30 minutes during this time and I also work with the DJs to make sure they are entertaining the guests while I’m busy with the bride and groom.

Seven Springs Ranch wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo mattemrichphoto

Seven Springs Ranch wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo mattemrichphoto

The Getaway Car

I love weddings where there’s a definitive ending, such as having all the guests line up and throw rice at the couple as they make their way to the getaway car. At this Roseburg wedding, the couple was completely inundated with flying grain! The look on the groom’s face, as he tries to find his seat and hit the gas pedal, is priceless. Notice the paint on the car, too. The full sentence reads ‘Help Me, I Don’t Know Her.” I watched all the groomsmen spend 30 minutes decorating this brand new convertible with paint pens. They assured me it was safe, and would come off, but when I looked at one of the pens and read the warning label on it, it said, among other things “not safe for automobile paint.” I hope that wasn’t really true! You can see more of my work at

The Seven Springs Ranch Matt Emrich Photo