A Perfect Catch

Laurel & Jacob were married this past August at the Seven Springs Ranch near Glide, Oregon. Their ceremony site was located near the lodge, which is nestled in a deep valley that gets dark much sooner than the surrounding hillsides. Looking out at those hills, after the cake had been cut, I saw this golden light so I grabbed the newlyweds and their best man (as a driver:) and we raced up the hill just in time. Since I was thinking about ‘catching the light’ I also wanted Jacob to catch Laurel as she jumped into his arms. This works best with couples that aren’t the same height and Jacob is as tall as I am (6′ 3″) so that was fine. We also spent some time in and around the gazebo at the top of the hill, which is another ceremony option (but it’s up a really steep hill so elderly guests and small children might have a hard time making it there!).

The images I made with Jacob and Laurel during this ‘golden hour’ were their favorites of the day. I encourage couples to set aside at least 30 minutes during this time and I also work with the DJs to make sure they are entertaining the guests while I’m busy with the bride and groom.

Seven Springs Ranch wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo mattemrichphoto

Seven Springs Ranch wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo mattemrichphoto

Veil in the Wind

Whenever a bride has a long veil I always hope for a windy day. At this Seven Springs wedding, Laurel’s veil was six feet long! Laurel, who works at David’s Bridal, made her own wedding dress, including the veil. As we were shooting the bridal portraits I kept hoping the wind would pick up. It never did so I had the maid of honor take hold of Laurel’s veil and fully extend it, only letting it go when I told her to (she then jumped out of the frame). I’ve also added a slight gaussian blur to this image, which I like to do when there’s dappled light.


Seven Springs Wedding Photographer Matt Emrich