First Look, Part III

This is the final installment of the First Look series I’ve been showcasing this week. In this case, the groom was so nervous about the first look he asked his Best Man to bring him a little liquid courage. Seeing this, and knowing how nervous the groom was, I decided to play a little joke on him that I thought would help loosen him up even more than the whiskey. Since he hadn’t seen his bride yet, I had the bride’s mother step in and be the one who tapped the groom on his shoulder. When he turned around, expecting to finally see his beautiful bride in her dress, he was completely shocked at seeing his future mother-in-law! This idea came to me out of the blue and it’s one I’ve used ever since. I suppose I’d better show that image in my next post…

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The Reveal

When a bride and groom see each other for the first time, I call it the First Look. Other people call this moment The Reveal, although this term specifically refers to a pre-ceremony, staged occurrence. In the example below, Jenna and Tom opted to see each other before the ceremony. Jenna was great in front of the camera, a perfect model.

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The Dress & the First Look

Picking out the bridal dress is one of the most important decisions a bride has to make. Backless? Lace? Veil? After spending so much time (and money!) on the perfect dress, it’s only natural that when the groom sees his new bride for the first time, in her dress, it’s a very special moment. Whether or not this first look happens before the ceremony or when the bride walks down the aisle, the buildup to that moment is awesome.

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