The Getaway Car

I love weddings where there’s a definitive ending, such as having all the guests line up and throw rice at the couple as they make their way to the getaway car. At this Roseburg wedding, the couple was completely inundated with flying grain! The look on the groom’s face, as he tries to find his seat and hit the gas pedal, is priceless. Notice the paint on the car, too. The full sentence reads ‘Help Me, I Don’t Know Her.” I watched all the groomsmen spend 30 minutes decorating this brand new convertible with paint pens. They assured me it was safe, and would come off, but when I looked at one of the pens and read the warning label on it, it said, among other things “not safe for automobile paint.” I hope that wasn’t really true! You can see more of my work at

The Seven Springs Ranch Matt Emrich Photo