King Estate Weddings in 2017?

I recently heard a rumor King Estate was going to start hosting weddings again; this is very exciting news! When they  stopped hosting weddings a couple years ago, it was because they were remodeling their Pavilion area into a bistro and were looking to attract a more casual crowd, folks who maybe wanted to stop by for a beer and a sandwich, not a bottle of Pinot and truffle fries. However, according to the sommelier I spoke with yesterday, they are rethinking that idea since the completely updated Pavilion has turned out so well. I have yet to confirm this with the King Estate event coordinator but will update this post as soon as I know for sure!

The Barrel Room at King Estate

King Estate is a beautiful winery located between Eugene and Lorane, along Territorial Highway. The barrel room at King Estate is a great place for newlyweds to create a lasting, memorable photo session. The room is quite dark but I was able to position my lights behind some of the columns and out of the way. Once I’ve got this accomplished, I always tell the bride and groom that I’m ‘just metering’ for a bit and I ask them to do whatever comes naturally while I take a few ‘test shots.’ What I don’t tell them until later is that my lighting has already been fine-tuned and that all those ‘test shots’ are real. This allows me to create candid moments that have the lighting and background that I’ve chosen for optimal images:)

wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

Danielle and Brian

Danielle and Brian took a little while to relax around the camera. I got them to engage in the Kissing Game (see previous posts) and that loosened them right up! This was another King Estate wedding.

Wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

A Stormy Night

They say rain at a wedding is good luck for the newlyweds. If that’s the case, this couple should play the lottery every now and then because these clouds erupted into a raging thunderstorm a few minutes after this photo was taken. We all jumped up and took shelter inside King Estate’s Pavilion.  The band wedged its way in too, and the reception didn’t miss a beat.

King Estate wedding photograph

King Estate wedding

Waiting on a Bride

Guys, for the most part, spend about 10 minutes getting dressed and up to 3 hours waiting for their beautiful bride to emerge. These two were no exception. This was taken at King Estate, for Julie and Nate’s wedding.

King Estate wedding

Another King Estate Wedding

Lyla & King were married this past Friday and the vineyard was in full bounty. We took a walk through the vines and they stopped for a kiss.
King Estate Wedding

Shannon & Bryce at King Estate

While you can see more of my King Estate weddings near the end of this page, I thought I’d post some photos from a wedding I shot there just recently. Shannon & Bryce were open to using the entire venue and I was glad they did!