My booth on tv!

I had a booth at the Oregon Wedding Showcase last weekend and KMTR (channel 16 in Eugene, the NBC channel) was kind enough to use my booth as the only wedding photographer’s booth they showed on their newscast. Thank you, KMTR! Here is a screenshot of my booth, as seen on my own tv (yes, this is a photo from my iPhone, lol!).

Matt Emrich Photo on KMTR

A summer evening

The Country Inn, located on Coburg Road just north of Eugene, is a fantastic place to get married. They have two separate locations on the property but this area is open to anyone. As I was staging Kris and Kevin by the willow tree the sunset suddenly came on strong and I was very happy I’d chosen this spot at this time!

Eugene Country Inn wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Eugene Country Inn wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Looking for the perfect dress

I get to see a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ moments during a wedding. The bride is almost always surrounded by her bridesmaids and her mother, who dote on her and make sure she’s looking her best. The groom, on the other hand, is often left alone, or with just his best man as they try and decide how long they can wait to put their suits on. I created this juxtaposition from a wedding I shot near Atlanta this past year.


The Wedding Dress

Passing it On

Jason & Jessie were married at Jessie’s parents’ homestead (soon to be a wedding venue!!). Jason’s father passed a few years back and Jason saved his dad’s favorite hat, seen here. This couple was so easy to photograph; I swear they both must’ve been models in a past life! Jason must’ve been JR Ewing 🙂


wedding photographer Eugene



Trash the Dress?!

This bride wasn’t about to let these groomsmen throw her into the pond, despite the 102℉ temperature that day. ‘Trash the Dress’ may be popular elsewhere in the country, and in parts of Mexico, but not here in Oregon!


wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

A Cyprus Wedding along the Mediterranean

While I love shooting weddings here in the Eugene area, getting away from Oregon’s winter weather is great …especially if one ends up in the warm, sunny climes of Cyprus! Lucia and Sjoord (he’s Dutch, she’s a Dutch Cypriot) were married along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. After the ceremony each guest was afforded a chance to light one of these miniature hot air balloons and watch it take flight over the moonlit water. I can’t imagine this being legal here in the States, especially in Oregon during a long hot summer, but they surely looked spectacular as they trailed out along the night sky.

 wedding photographer Cyprus

Chris & Ashley at Bridal Veil Lakes

I always like to include a collection of images of the bride’s bouquet. This one was taken at Bridal Veil Lakes, about an hour east of Portland. There are many ways to do this and one of my favorite is to have the groom stand behind the bride and have them both clasp the bouquet together. I then frame the image so only their hands (with rings!) and the flowers are showing, with a little bit of wedding dress and tuxedo in the background. Whenever I start this sequence I always tell the couple they can relax their faces, since I’m only focusing on their hands. I happened to look up during this particular shot and saw very nice, unguarded expressions on both their faces. No time for fill flash, or to adjust my metering for the bright sky behind them, but I got the shot. They loved it!


Bridal Veil Lakes wedding photographer