A Cyprus Wedding along the Mediterranean

While I love shooting weddings here in the Eugene area, getting away from Oregon’s winter weather is great …especially if one ends up in the warm, sunny climes of Cyprus! Lucia and Sjoord (he’s Dutch, she’s a Dutch Cypriot) were married along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. After the ceremony each guest was afforded a chance to light one of these miniature hot air balloons and watch it take flight over the moonlit water. I can’t imagine this being legal here in the States, especially in Oregon during a long hot summer, but they surely looked spectacular as they trailed out along the night sky.

 wedding photographer Cyprus

Cyprus Wedding

It’s not often I get to travel to Cyprus to shoot a wedding, but that was indeed the case in 2009. My total travel time, roundtrip, was 51 hours. My total time in Cyprus was 86 hours! The wedding was amazing, and so was the after-party; it lasted until dawn. This particular scene is, apparently, quite common for European weddings. I can’t imagine this being legal in the US, especially here in Oregon, in the middle of the summer during the height of fire season 🙂 But this was in Cyprus and it was all just perfectly fine!

At the end of the reception, everyone was invited to light up their own personal balloon. These balloons were made of lightweight paper that must’ve been treated with some kind of flame retardant. I imagine they eventually burned themselves out as they sailed out over the Mediterranean.


Cyprus wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo