First Dance

The first dance between a newly married couple can take many forms, from energetic and playful to slow and close. Whichever form it takes, the first dance is always momentous; it’s usually the first time the newlyweds are together with all eyes on them. This first dance, at the Atavista Bed & Breakfast in Brownsville, came just before the clouds opened up and moved everyone indoors. I converted the image to black and white, and put in a slight Gaussian blur, because I felt it added more drama to the sky.

Atavista Farm wedding

Eugene wedding photographer, Portland wedding photographer; © Matt Emrich Photo

We Did It!

After all the planning and work that goes into making a successful wedding, the bride and groom aren’t truly married until the license has been signed and witnessed. I always make sure to get a few photos of this momentous event, since most of the time it takes place away from all the family and guests. At this Atavista Farms wedding, between Katie and Wes, they were certainly aware of the moment 🙂

Atavista Farms wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo