First Dance

The first dance between a newly married couple can take many forms, from energetic and playful to slow and close. Whichever form it takes, the first dance is always momentous; it’s usually the first time the newlyweds are together with all eyes on them. This first dance, at the Atavista Bed & Breakfast in Brownsville, came just before the clouds opened up and moved everyone indoors. I converted the image to black and white, and put in a slight Gaussian blur, because I felt it added more drama to the sky.

Atavista Farm wedding

Eugene wedding photographer, Portland wedding photographer; © Matt Emrich Photo

The Mother-Son dance

The first dance between a groom and his mother is always special: poignant and happy at the same time. At this Bend wedding I noticed the bride watching her new husband dance with his mom and knew I wanted to include her (the bride) in the frame. Since I already had my off-camera lighting set up by the dance floor it was easy to set my aperture to f2.8, focus on the groom and his mom, and complete the foreground with the out-of-focus bride and her Maid of Honor. Having shot 100s of weddings, this is where experience paid off: I knew there’d be a moment like this, and I had all my gear set up beforehand, so all I had to do was position myself in the right place. The bride had no idea I was behind her during this shot. 🙂

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