The Wedding Album

The best way to preserve all your wedding images is with a high quality album, printed on thick archival paper that’s resistant to fading. I encourage all my newlyweds to purchase their albums when they make their initial booking with me; it’s always nice to get back all those wonderful memories in a beautiful, professionally bound wedding album. My biggest selling wedding album is 10″x10″ and has around 35 pages. This is just the right size to allow some images to be printed full spread (such as bridal portraits) and others to share space on the same page (such as cake cutting and dancing).  In addition to the full-size album I also offer MiniBooks (also called brag books, parent albums, companion albums, etc). These are identical in content and layout to the main album and make the perfect gift.

Matt Emrich Photo, wedding albums

Matt Emrich Photo, wedding albums

Matt Emrich Photo, wedding albums

Elkton wedding at the Big K Ranch

Heather and Jon were married at the Big K Ranch near Elkton, Oregon. Despite the insanely hot weather, the entire wedding party was more than amenable to climb up these bales of hay for me. Since Jon is a friend of mine, I stayed overnight at the Big K Ranch. Let’s just say I got a great glimpse into what goes on at weddings in the wee hours of the morning. This was much the same as my experience in Cyprus (see previous post), when I stayed with the wedding party until 3 in the morning, simply because I had nothing else to do and the party was just too fun. Imagine drunken guests wading into the Mediterranean, completely dressed. Ahh, the life of a wedding photographer 🙂

Anyway, back to Heather and Jon!

Big K Ranch wedding photographer

A Funny Moment

As this bride was waiting at the hair salon she noticed this magazine. The first page she turned to was the one you see here. I heard her laughter and turned around to catch this image. The caption says it all…

Eugene wedding photography


Sweet Couple at Sweet Cheeks

Krista & Bryan were married at Sweet Cheeks Winery in southern Lane County. Pinot country, in other words. Originally from Oregon, Krista relocated to Chicago, where she met Bryan, but knew she wanted to get married back in her beautiful home state. Sweet Cheeks has some wonderful wines and is a great place for weddings. Nestled in the foothills of Territorial Highway, it’s the perfect spot for lunch or dinner, too.

Oregon Sunshine

Fall is here and looks like mother nature has brought the rain back for awhile. If you shoot a lot of outdoor weddings in Oregon, as I do, you have to be prepared to get wet every now and then! This image is from a wedding I did last October, at the Eagle Rock Lodge, out on the McKenzie River. Curt and Amie were not only unfazed by the weather, they still went through with their plan to get into a boat immediately after their ceremony!

Eugene wedding photographer

Reflecting on the Future

Heather and Jon were married at the Big K Ranch (near Elkton, OR). As I was talking to Heather out on the back deck of her Bridal Cabin, I looked back and saw her mother gazing at her, realizing her daughter was starting on the next chapter of her life.

To see Heather and Jon’s wedding in its entirety, click here.

Eugene wedding photographer

New for 2011!

I’ve started working with a wonderful album company and am excited to offer more album packages in 2011. These albums are available in many sizes, finishes and covers; I’ve included two different options on my contract page (available from The following image is from the Pictobooks site