Oregon Sunshine

Fall is here and looks like mother nature has brought the rain back for awhile. If you shoot a lot of outdoor weddings in Oregon, as I do, you have to be prepared to get wet every now and then! This image is from a wedding I did last October, at the Eagle Rock Lodge, out on the McKenzie River. Curt and Amie were not only unfazed by the weather, they still went through with their plan to get into a boat immediately after their ceremony!

Eugene wedding photographer

7 Comments on “Oregon Sunshine

  1. Love this photo! And I love the fact that the bride and groom weren’t phased by the rain. 🙂 Question though… I love to photograph the rain but I’ve never known how to get in the rain and not get my camera all wet… without spending lots of money that is. Do you just shoot under an umbrella or do you have a special casing or do you have some other ingenious method for shooting in the rain? This is a great capture 🙂 and a great post!

    • In this instance I had a large black golf umbrella. I also use a plastic housing for my 5D when it’s paired with my 70-200mm lens. Not one of those customized, underwater housing units; it’s more like those couch covers some people (not me!) use, and I still have access to all the camera controls.

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