The Wedding Album

The best way to preserve all your wedding images is with a high quality album, printed on thick archival paper that’s resistant to fading. I encourage all my newlyweds to purchase their albums when they make their initial booking with me; it’s always nice to get back all those wonderful memories in a beautiful, professionally bound wedding album. My biggest selling wedding album is 10″x10″ and has around 35 pages. This is just the right size to allow some images to be printed full spread (such as bridal portraits) and others to share space on the same page (such as cake cutting and dancing).  In addition to the full-size album I also offer MiniBooks (also called brag books, parent albums, companion albums, etc). These are identical in content and layout to the main album and make the perfect gift.

Matt Emrich Photo, wedding albums

Matt Emrich Photo, wedding albums

Matt Emrich Photo, wedding albums

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