Beckenridge Vineyards Wedding

Beckenridge Vineyards, located in Dallas, Oregon, is one of the premiere wedding venues in the Willamette Valley. I saw online that the property is for sale so let’s hope the new owners keep up the wedding tradition! These two images were taken just as the sun was setting and the bride and groom were about to take off in their vintage pickup truck.


Beckenridge Vineyards wedding Beckenridge Vineyards wedding



Piggyback at Beckenridge

Leanne and Ryan were married at Beckenridge Vineyard in Dallas, Oregon. I’ve shot weddings at Beckenridge in all kinds of weather and I really like when the sun is out and the sky is a deep blue; Oregon’s such a great place to get married! In this photo, Leanne was afraid of getting her dress dirty so Ryan offered her a piggyback ride…

Beckenridge Vineyards wedding, Matt Emrich Photo