McMenamins Sand Trap wedding

McMenamins is known for converting old properties into wonderful, all-inclusive hotels. By all-inclusive, I mean they have it all! From steam baths to golf courses, the McMenamins collection of brewpubs is unmatched. The public spaces are always scattered throughout the properties, inviting guests to explore all the nooks and crannies. A few even have movie theaters! By retaining the original character of each property — whether it be an old schoolhouse, asylum, or golf resort — no two hotels are alike. In an era of corporate chain hotels, this is a very refreshing way to approach the hospitality business. When you tell your friends you spent a weekend at a McMenamins hotel, the first thing they’ll ask you is “which one?” The McMenamins Sand Trap Hotel, located along the northern part of the Oregon Coast, is a treat! Not only do you get to sample all the great beverages (McMenamins makes their own beers, as well as their own wines and spirits), you’ll have the privilege of being able to play on one of the oldest 18-hole public golf courses in the country; or you can skip on over to the beach, which is spectacular any time of year. The folks at the Sand Trap asked me to provide them a few images from a recent wedding I shot on the property and I was delighted they chose to use one of them on their front page. Below is a copy of that page and below that is the original image:

Sand Trap wedding by Matt Emrich Photo

Oregon coast wedding by Matt Emrich Photo

Diamonds in the Rough

At this Diamond Woods wedding I shot this past Saturday, Terra and Ryan were ready to party with their friends but I wanted to get some last sunset pictures before it was too late. With my 2nd shooter–Jacob Mockbee–holding my off-camera flash I was able to create this image. Then it was party time!

Matt Emrich Photo, Diamond Woods wedding photographer