The Big One

Rich and Jesse made sure everyone knew they were meant for each other in this late-night, post-reception group photo. The reception was at a place called Log House Gardens, near Salem. Once the sun had set, and the temperatures cooled down a bit, people were more inclined to move back outside. I positioned one off-camera speedlight on a stand, camera-right, diffused through a large 36″ umbrella. I wanted to make the people ‘pop’ a little bit so I underexposed the ambient light by a half stop and increased my speedlight by one stop.

Salem wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo, garden wedding

A Fun Bunch

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, hasn’t it. Between preparing for my twin brother’s wedding, shooting a wedding where the bride and groom opted out of the Model Release portion of their contract, and working on all my other projects, time has slipped away. However, I shot a wedding last week in Sublimity, Oregon at the St Boniface Catholic Church and it was a blast. The church was a great venue and the hour-long ceremony was a great way for everyone to stay out of the rain! The reception was at Log House Gardens in Keizer, Oregon. The wedding party traveled via stretch limo from the church to the reception. I wanted to get a lot of good shots of the newlyweds inside the limo, and the 10 adult members of the wedding party, so I used all my external flashes and did just that. However, this meant I was nearly the last one to leave the church as the limo pulled out. The reception was about 20 miles away and I wanted to arrive in time to park my car, unload and set up all my gear, and still be in position to capture the bride exiting the limo. This meant I had to go, *cough*, slightly above the speed limit. Needless to say, when I flew by a state trooper aiming his radar gun right at me, I hoped I wouldn’t get a ticket. Apparently doing 78 in a 55 is not excessive on Highway 22 West 🙂

Anyway, the wedding party was a lot of fun and I spent an hour with them right around sunset. The rain had let up and the soft, warm evening light was perfect.

Salem wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo