The Kissing Game, revisited

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts over the years, it’s always nice to get the bride and groom loosened up a bit when shooting their portraits. The cameras I carry have large lenses and flashes and it can be a little unnerving to have all that gear pointed at you over and over again 🙂 For this reason I employ a few ‘tricks’ designed to loosen up the newlyweds and make them forget there’s someone taking their picture. My favorite one is the kissing game: the bride has to try and kiss the groom in his ear and the groom has to resist with all his might…until he finally surrenders. Then I switch it up. By the time the game is over, the bride and groom are usually laughing and very relaxed…and I’ve gotten some great images!

Eugene Wedding Photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Eugene Wedding Photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

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