Get Well, Officer Rager!

When I shot Barry and Janina’s wedding a couple years ago, I had no idea I’d be hearing his name on the news last night! While involved in a traffic stop, he was struck from behind by a texting driver. Luckily he’s doing fine (last I heard, he was ‘sipping blackberry whiskey’), and won’t have to work during Christmas! I’m just glad he’s okay. Here’s to you, Barry…

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Chateau Lorane Wedding

When Janina and I headed out to do her bridal portraits at Chateau Lorane, it was the middle of the afternoon on a hot, sunny day in late July. The best place for portraits at that time was in the dappled shade. Using two 0ff-camera speedlights (the Canon 600EX-RT), as well as one on-camera, it was easy to light up the deep shadows and still let the ambient light in the background, some 6-stops brighter, paint a beautiful background. Shooting at f2.8 also helps this image.

Chateau Lorane Wedding, Matt Emrich Photo

Chateau Lorane Wedding

Whenever I can persuade couples to walk out onto the warped, funky old dock that juts out into Lake Louise at Chateau Lorane, I know I’ll get some great images. This image, taken last Saturday, is just one example.

Chateau Lorane wedding, Matt Emrich Photography