This is another image from a wedding I shot on the University of Oregon campus. Again, I was able to get such a shot because I’d secured a 16′ ladder to the site the previous evening. The newlyweds wanted a shot of everybody, all the family and guests, in a single image. Being sixteen feet off the ground sure helped!

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University of Oregon wedding

An emotional beginning

At this wedding, shot on the University of Oregon campus, I used a 16′ ladder to get the perspective I wanted. The couple wanted everyone to form a circle around them during the ceremony, leaving me with no angle with which to shoot. The night before the wedding I schlepped the ladder over to the site and U-locked it to a bike rack, knowing I’d need it the next day. Once the ceremony began I had an excellent vantage point. This image was taken with my 70-200mm lens, shot at 200mm at f2.8. I really like the emotions being expressed here. The couple wrote their own vows and they were heartfelt!

University of Oregon wedding

A Mother’s Dream

Every parent wants to see their children happily married and so it was with this wedding. Emily and Luke are a perfect match and Emily’s mom couldn’t be happier. This wedding ceremony took place on the University of Oregon campus, in the quad area between PLC and the Knight Library.

University of Oregon wedding, Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Matt Emrich Photo

Let’s get this party started!

Emily and Luke were married on the University of Oregon campus. Truly a great couple, they also had a great bunch of friends who wanted nothing more than to help them celebrate their special day. I’ve seen couples get lifted into the air before, but never for so long! They were paraded around the dance floor more than once and they loved every minute of it. Rick, the DJ from Bass is Loaded, kept the party going long into the night.

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo


Emily & Luke were married on the Oregon campus in Eugene. Eschewing a tuxedo, Luke was all class in his gray suit (and, since tuxedos are technically evening wear and this was an afternoon wedding, that made perfect sense!).

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