Line’em up

More from the Cyprus wedding. The party went on long into the evening, as I said in my previous post, and there was no shortage of creative cocktail concoctions. I can’t recall what this one was called, but everyone seemed to love them. As I do at most receptions, I asked the bartenders if I could stand next to them for a little while. Not only is it a great way to capture the action from a unique perspective, I always have a captive audience!


Destination wedding photographer

The Finishing Touches

Like a lot of brides, Julie wanted her and Nate’s wedding to look great, down to the last detail. This included garnishing the chairs of the head table to reflect the seasonal change from summer to autumn.



The Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and finding a great wedding dress is a must. Deanna, shown here, was very happy with her dress, especially after that morning’s fitting was a little hectic…Deanna’s mother was adjusting the dress and suddenly we all heard a ripping sound. Nobody could find where it had come from and the dress fit perfectly, so out we went to wait for the groom to arrive for his ‘First Look’ at his new bride. If a couple plan on seeing each other before their ceremony, I always stage a first look so there’s still some drama and anticipation happening when the groom gets to see his bride in her wedding dress for the first time. This particular first look took place at a park near the bride’s home and she was on pins and needles, waiting for the groom to arrive.

The Wedding Dress, mattemrichphoto

A Mt Pisgah Moment

Emily and Billy were married at the St John the Wonderworker Serbian Orthodox Church in Eugene and had their reception at Mt Pisgah immediately afterwards. I wanted to take advantage of this great, late-afternoon light coming in, so I told the couple to walk towards an open field and that I’d meet them there. This gave me a chance to follow them, surreptitiously, and I was able to utilize my long lens for capturing moments such as this one.

Eugene Wedding Photographer, mattemrichphoto


A Garter Moment

Removing the garter from the bride is a time honored tradition. A lot of young couples these days, however, are finding ways to insert a little creativity into it. This bride tied hers on in such a way that it was much harder for the groom to remove. All the guests knew about the slipknot; the groom did not:)


Wedding Photographer Eugene, mattemrichphoto

Crashing the Party

During this Mt Pisgah wedding reception, it was the priest who tagged along and got some ‘grab shots’ of the bride and groom! Normally, when I take a newlywed couple away for their portrait session, I’m trailed by the bride’s parents or her maid of honor. This was the first time I’d seen a priest so intent on capturing the moment:)
Perhaps that’s because I shot the priest’s own wedding five years ago, and he knew there’d be some great light and posing going on. I really like the phone camera… 🙂
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Smoke’em if You Got’em

At this wedding in Veneta last Saturday, at Our Daily Bread, all the guys wanted to step outside for a cigar. The weather cooperated beautifully that night: no wind and no rain! This allowed the smoke to go exactly where the guys aimed it…right in front of the groom.

Wedding Photographer Eugene Oregon

A little Halloween Fun

More images from this past weekend’s wedding at the McMenamins in Forest Grove, Oregon (the Grand Lodge). Lauren was implacable that day, despite the rain and strong wind that would have had many brides running for the bar!

McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding mattemrichphoto

McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding mattemrichphoto

A rainy McMenamins wedding

Lauren and Chris didn’t let a little weather rain on their parade at this McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding yesterday, where it was raining in biblical proportions.


McMenamins Grand Lodge wedding photographer



Faith and Tradition

While I was waiting for the bride to begin changing into her wedding dress I looked around the room I was in and noticed this book. It appeared to have something in it so I opened it up and saw the wedding rings!

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