Hot Shots in Prescott, Arizona

I shot a wedding in Prescott, Arizona last fall and it was a very hot day. The venue was called Juniper Well Ranch. This post is in memory of those real HotShots who lost their lives there this past week.

mattemrichphoto, Arizona wedding photograhper

Parker Falls Engagement

Heather and Lamar are getting married this September at Deep Woods (in Elmira, OR). They contracted me to shoot their engagement photos as well and they chose to have them done at the same place Lamar proposed, at Parker Falls, located way up Brice Creek in between Cottage Grove and Oakridge. The lighting was a little tricky but the hardest part was wading through the thigh-high water in order to put my light stand at the most flattering angle…this meant I had to place the stand directly in the flowing water and hope the large rock behind it would hold it in place! It did:)

Deep Woods wedding, mattemrichphoto, Matt Emrich Photo

Portland Waterfront E-Session

Rich and Jessica are getting married this September and wanted me to shoot their engagement photos as well. The cherry trees had just changed from pink to green, it was cold and windy outside, but we had a great time anyway! Rich is an avid fan of Portland’s architecture, and we were able to utilize lots of locations during the two-hour shoot. This image was taken along the water, just adjacent to Portland’s Saturday Market. I used one off-camera speedlight just to the left of the couple.

Portland Engagement Photo

That soft evening light

It’s rare for a bride to have time alone during the reception but the light was too good to pass up, in this instance, so I grabbed the bride and we ventured out to the lawn area of Dancing Deer Mountain.

Matt Emrich Photo, mattemrichphoto, Eugene wedding photographer

To flash or not to flash

During Amy & Brock’s elopement photos this past weekend I was using three of the new Canon 600EX-RT speedlights, one on-camera and two off-camera, with my 5D Mark III. After continuously shooting with the speedlights firing at full power (the shoot took place during the middle of a very sunny day), I noticed there were some instances when the flash didn’t go off. However, since I’d already metered for the background light, those instances weren’t a total loss. I was mostly using the extra light from the flashes to really make the couple pop, and to separate them a bit from the background. I really like the image below but the flashes didn’t fire; they’d overheated. Since I was shooting everything in Manual Mode I knew my background would match all the previous images; I simply needed to do a bit of work in Adobe Lightroom and was able to deliver this final result to Amy & Brock.
Engagement Photos, mattemrichphoto, Alton Baker Park

Springtime at Alton Baker

Alton Baker Park is a wonderful place for engagement photos; I’ve done a few e-sessions there and they’ve all been great. This photo is from an e-session I shot yesterday but the difference is, this was an elopement session! I must admit, this was the first time I’ve ever been hired to shoot photos of a couple that’s decided to elope. The fruit trees were in full bloom and the clouds parted long enough to provide a pastel blue backdrop.

Eugene engagement photographer, mattemrichphoto

Go Ducks!!!!

This is the second in my two-part (so far!!) Go Ducks series. This image is from a wedding I shot at The Beacon House. The bride got ready at her parents’ home and they were huge Ducks fans, as is evidenced by the fact they have an entire room dedicated to the green and gold…


Matt Emrich Photo, mattemrichphoto, Beacon House wedding photographer

Go Ducks!

I had to dig through a few files to find this one, but I knew I had it. The bride and all her bridesmaids are avid Oregon fans and, since it’s NCAA tourney time, I thought this would be a great time to post this image. This image was taken at King Estate.


Matt Emrich Photo, mattemrichphoto, King Estate wedding

Honeymoon Bound!

It’s not often that a wedding reception wraps up before dark but that was the case with this wedding…the bride and groom just couldn’t wait for the honeymoon! It was a warm night and I had the top down on my own car as I followed the couple over the Ferry St Bridge, shooting as I drove.

Eugene wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo

Portland Sunset

Northwest Portland used to be an industrial part of town, at least when I lived there in the late 1980s. Now it’s full of all kinds of life, from bohemian art galleries to a multitude of brewpubs and eateries. This image was taken in The Pearl, just as the sun went down.


Portland wedding photographer, Matt Emrich Photo