A Modern Classic

Whenever a couple goes the extra mile and rents out a classic car as their getaway vehicle, I’m always happy; this couple, however, actually owned this car, a very nicely restored 1957 Chevrolet. Whisper’n’Oaks wedding.


Whisper-n-Oaks wedding, mattemrichphoto.com

Finding good locations for couples portraits

Finding good location for couples portraits is important, since it’s normally these images that are most often ordered as prints. If I’m shooting at a venue for the first time I like to scout out some possible locations beforehand so I’m not trying to figure that out during the frenetic pace of a typical wedding day. Since I’ve shot a dozen or so weddings at King Estate over the years, finding locations there is easy! I particularly like these big wooden doors; they seem like something from an old castle. This set of doors is doubly nice because the location is always in full shade during the early afternoon; the couple doesn’t get overheated nor are they squinting into the sun. I love shots in full sunshine, too, but these doors work better without any direct light hitting them. I did use an off-camera flash, softened behind a 46″ umbrella, to light up the couple a bit, but I dialed it down to 1/64th power so as not to blow out the soft image I was looking to create.

There are two images below, taken consecutively. In the first image I’ve done a little work in Lightroom and Photoshop, adding a gaussian blur to the background. The second image has no such effect.


Matt Emrich Photo King Estate


Matt Emrich Photo King Estate


A Beautiful Bouquet

This was the second time I’ve seen a bouquet made up entirely of old jewelry, mostly brooches. A very nice way to incorporate some family heirlooms and definitely not something the bride will be tossing during the reception! I’ve done this shot a number of times and it’s always a perennial favorite amongst brides.


wedding photographer Eugene

Swing for the Fences!

Jessie and Jason were married at Jessie’s parents’ new property and their guests were treated to a wonderful wedding. We’d just finished a ‘sunset session’ of images and were walking back towards the reception (which was being kept alive by the wonderful DJ from Bass Is Loaded). I noticed all the guests looking at the couple as they made their way back towards the dance floor and decided we’d better give’em a show. You can really tell how happy Jessie and Jason are in this image: they’ve just gotten married, all their friends and family are present, and it’s time to kick back and dance the night away.

mattemrichphoto wedding photographer Eugene OR

Passing it On

Jason & Jessie were married at Jessie’s parents’ homestead (soon to be a wedding venue!!). Jason’s father passed a few years back and Jason saved his dad’s favorite hat, seen here. This couple was so easy to photograph; I swear they both must’ve been models in a past life! Jason must’ve been JR Ewing 🙂


wedding photographer Eugene



King Estate Wedding by Matt Emrich Photo

Kristin and Matt were married at King Estate this past Saturday and it was another beautiful day. I think 2012 will be a very good year for the Pinot Noir variety (as the grapes behind the bride & groom are destined to become), since we’ve had so many unbroken days of sunshine, coupled with very cool mornings. Matt & Kristin were happy to bask in this golden light as well.


King Estate wedding photographer Matt Emrich Photo

Veil in the Wind

Whenever a bride has a long veil I always hope for a windy day. At this Seven Springs wedding, Laurel’s veil was six feet long! Laurel, who works at David’s Bridal, made her own wedding dress, including the veil. As we were shooting the bridal portraits I kept hoping the wind would pick up. It never did so I had the maid of honor take hold of Laurel’s veil and fully extend it, only letting it go when I told her to (she then jumped out of the frame). I’ve also added a slight gaussian blur to this image, which I like to do when there’s dappled light.


Seven Springs Wedding Photographer Matt Emrich

Seven Springs wedding

Laurel & Jake were married yesterday at a place called Seven Springs Ranch. It’s located in Glide, Oregon, some 15 miles east of Roseburg. The bridal portraits took place at the hottest part of the day, with the sun shining almost directly overhead. Just down the hill from the bridal suite was this rustic looking spot, complete with dappled light. Looking at the Seven Springs website, it’s hard to tell there are over 400 acres of hilly, extremely photogenic scenery…but they’re worth seeking out! The indoor area is nice for rainy days but I’m glad Laurel & Jake decided to have their wedding outside:)


Seven Springs Ranch wedding photographer mattemrichphoto



Loloma Lodge Wedding

The wedding I shot this past weekend took place at Loloma Lodge, 44 miles up the McKenzie River. There are a great many trees there, which means lots of open shade for group photos. Using one speedlight mounted on a stand with a large white umbrella, I attached another speedlight to my camera for some slight fill. There was also some natural sunlight coming in that made for great highlights in everyone’s hair, and added depth. Also, most importantly, the group was fully engaged with the shoot and we had a great time!


Loloma Lodge wedding Matt Emrich Photo

Sailboat Wedding

Sophia & Nate were married in Dorena, Oregon and wanted to include some photos of them on their sailboat. This shot was taken on Dorena Lake.


wedding photographer Eugene Oregon