When to introduce noticeable post-processing

I used a slight gaussian blur on this image, then ‘painted’ the bride’s eyes back in at 100% of the original, sharper image, and the rest of her at around 80%. This particular bride likes soft-focus images so I did work like this on a few from her wedding at Whisper’n’Oaks last week. I used Adobe Lightroom for processing the RAW file and Adobe Photoshop for the gaussian blur.

wedding photographer Eugene Oregon


Emily & Luke were married on the Oregon campus in Eugene. Eschewing a tuxedo, Luke was all class in his gray suit (and, since tuxedos are technically evening wear and this was an afternoon wedding, that made perfect sense!).

wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

We did it!

Whenever I’m shooting all the traditional family portraits I always try and inject some fun into the group(s). Everyone wants to look good in pictures but nobody wants to have to stare at a camera for a long time and try and hold a natural smile. For this reason I like to mix it up and create situations where everyone is relaxed and having fun. This shot was fun, and everyone liked it, but more importantly, the next series of images featuring this group showed a lot more relaxed expressions.


wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

Smokin’ Hot

The smoking of the late-night cigar is a fairly common occurrence amongst a groom and his groomsmen. When the bride steps in and wants a piece of the action, that makes it even more photo-worthy! This is from a wedding I shot in Denver this past weekend.
Eugene Oregon wedding photographer

Trash the Dress?!

This bride wasn’t about to let these groomsmen throw her into the pond, despite the 102℉ temperature that day. ‘Trash the Dress’ may be popular elsewhere in the country, and in parts of Mexico, but not here in Oregon!


wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

My Header Image

This is one of the images I use for my header; it’s from a wedding at King Estate. Look at all that blue sky! I was just thinking about blue skies, and the New Zealand coast, as I pondered what to do with my winning numbers from Mega Millions (crossing my fingers tonight!). New Zealand is an amazing place and 640 million US dollars is about 1 billion NZ dollars…


wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

Waiting for a Bride

This groom was nervously waiting for his bride to arrive. The groom’s father took the chance to give his son some last minute advice and reassurance as the rest of the groomsmen waited.

wedding photographer Eugene Oregon