Rocky Butte wedding, Portland

Tyler and Amy were married at Rocky Butte Park, in Portland. Tyler was just about to be deployed overseas and wanted to make sure he was married before he left.


wedding photographer Portland Oregon


Vinnie and Valerie were married in Scottsburg, Oregon (along the Umpqua River). While posing them in the tall grass and hammock that fronted the river, I noticed this tree swing on the adjacent property. Too perfect!

Using some on-camera fill flash I was able to freeze Valerie, just as Vinnie had given her a push, while using a slow enough shutter speed to let in the ambient light and give it some motion blur as I panned the bride.

Wedding Photographer Eugene Oregon

Chris & Ashley at Bridal Veil Lakes

I always like to include a collection of images of the bride’s bouquet. This one was taken at Bridal Veil Lakes, about an hour east of Portland. There are many ways to do this and one of my favorite is to have the groom stand behind the bride and have them both clasp the bouquet together. I then frame the image so only their hands (with rings!) and the flowers are showing, with a little bit of wedding dress and tuxedo in the background. Whenever I start this sequence I always tell the couple they can relax their faces, since I’m only focusing on their hands. I happened to look up during this particular shot and saw very nice, unguarded expressions on both their faces. No time for fill flash, or to adjust my metering for the bright sky behind them, but I got the shot. They loved it!


Bridal Veil Lakes wedding photographer



A rockin’ groom

Who says the air guitar is passé? When the band is playing, anything goes.
wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

Eagle Rock Lodge wedding

Here are a few more images from Amie & Curt’s wedding at Eagle Rock Lodge, located on the banks of the McKenzie River. Since it’s a rainy time of year here in western Oregon I thought these photos were appropriate.

Eagle Rock Lodge wedding
Eagle Rock Lodge wedding
Eagle Rock Lodge wedding
Eagle Rock Lodge wedding
Eagle Rock Lodge wedding
Eagle Rock Lodge wedding
Eagle Rock Lodge wedding
Eagle Rock Lodge wedding

Whisper’n’Oaks sunset

Alicia and Sean were married at Whisper’n’Oaks and we took full advantage of the beautiful sunset that evening. This sepia tint was created in Lightroom; I modified that program’s sepia preset a little bit to give it more contrast.


A Stormy Night

They say rain at a wedding is good luck for the newlyweds. If that’s the case, this couple should play the lottery every now and then because these clouds erupted into a raging thunderstorm a few minutes after this photo was taken. We all jumped up and took shelter inside King Estate’s Pavilion.  The band wedged its way in too, and the reception didn’t miss a beat.

King Estate wedding photograph

King Estate wedding