When Devon and Brian hired me to shoot their wedding this past summer, they told me they were looking for a strict PJ approach. Not pajamas, of course! PJ stands for Photo Journalism. Many couples tell me they want their weddings shot in the PJ style but most end up expecting a lot of traditional portraits as well 🙂 Devon and Brian were the exception. Since I normally shoot weddings all day anyway, a majority of my images are already candid. However, just shooting away, employing the Spray’n’Pray method of capturing great images is not my idea of candid photography! I like to look for angles and foregrounds that help frame an image and tell a story. Since Devon owns her own nursery business, I thought including some of her handpicked flowers would be fun.

A New Beginning

When the wheat fields are at their highest in Western Oregon, sometime in early August, they make a fantastic setting; especially at sunset. I really like the juxtaposition of the rustic with the formal.

Don’t Look!

The fellow wearing the kilt is the bride’s brother, who flew in from England. One of the groomsmen wanted to see if the kilt wearer was ‘accurately’ dressed… 🙂

Groomsmen do all kinds of funny things but this was one of the funnier ones!

Go ahead, jump!

This wedding party was quite large; they were also very willing to do whatever I asked of them 🙂 Since most of the bridesmaids were on dance team together, I knew this shot was going to be fun.

A Toast to the Future, A King Estate Wedding

There are many reasons to have your wedding at King Estate Vineyards, not the least of which is their great wine! Every couple I’ve worked with at King Estate has taken full advantage of not just the vineyard itself but also of the varietals it produces. My favorite is the King Estate 2006 Domaine Pinot Noir. The Domaine name simply means that 100% of the grapes used in that particular vintage came from King Estate.

These guys were toasting the groom (the fellow on the far right) and his excellent choice of wine, bride and venue …not in that particular order, of course!

I exposed for the sky in this image because I wanted the clouds to stand out. If I’d just used an average meter reading the sky would’ve been blown out. Exposing for the sky also meant that the guys’ tuxedos would remain black and not gray. A little on-camera fill flash evened out some of the shadows and gave life to the foreground.


Welcome to 2012! Here’s to many more happy couples:)

Wedding Photography at Atavista Bed & Breakfast

Katie & Wes were married this past summer at Atavista Bed & Breakfast (in Brownsville, Oregon). Everything about that day was perfect and the sunset was no exception. I took advantage of the soft light and had Wes lift Katie into his arms while walking through the wheat fields surrounding the property.


Let it Snow!

In honor of the season’s first snowfall today I decided to post this image from a wedding I shot up at Timberline Lodge a few years back. Let it snow!


Beach Proposal

Jon and Stephanie were married along the Oregon Coast, at the Westwind Bioreserve. This part of the coast is only accessible by boat so we had the beach all to ourselves. The wind was blowing quite fiercely, as it often does in these parts, and I loved how it made Stephanie’s veil stand straight out.


Copyright Matt Emrich Photo

Autumn in Eugene

Kelly and Joe were married here in Eugene and the fall colors were amazing! This image was taken at Alton Baker Park.