A True Professional

I got a call today from an old friend I haven’t seen for awhile. He asked me how I made my living and I told him I was a professional photographer, specializing in weddings and related photography (engagement, maternity). He mentioned that he’d just gotten married and wished he’d known I was a photographer. Because he still lives on the east coast, where I grew up, I told him it was understandable that he didn’t find me online (since Google has now confined most web searches to the area closest to the user’s neighborhood, as determined by their IP addresses). He told me he found a photographer on craigslist and I was ready for the horror story. Sure enough, the photographer he found offered an unbeatable price, and all images on DVDs…but the pictures ranged from average to terrible. I asked him if the person he hired used any off-camera flash, or knew how to arrange groups and anticipate modern wedding moments. He said no; the guy didn’t even have a flash at all! Not wanting to cause my friend any more grief, I told him he’d gotten what he paid for and he’d probably saved enough money on photography that he must’ve had a really nice honeymoon 🙂 What I really wanted to tell him was he’d completely wasted his money! Yes, there are a plethora of inexpensive photographers out there and yes, a few of them use sites like craigslist and facebook to advertise their services. But a wedding day is a unique event in most people’s lifetime. Skimping on the photographer just doesn’t make any sense if you’re having a wedding where everything else is memorable (venue, caterer, wine, DJ, etc).

That’s my rant for the day :~}. There are plenty of folks out there with decent digital cameras. Wedding photography, however, is a profession and, like any other profession, it pays to hire a professional.

Eugene wedding photographer

HAPPY 2014!!

Hard to believe it’s already 2014! For all those who have wedding plans this year, congratulations! Here’s a fun shot in honor of the day’s festivities.


Eugene wedding photographer

Black Friday Deal!

As I do every year on Black Friday, I am offering a 15% reduction for any photography package booked with Matt Emrich Photo. Initial contact must be made no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 1st, 2013 and booking must be made no later than December 8th, 2013 (for any open date in 2014).

This image is from Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile, where I’ve just returned from. It’d be a fantastic place to get married!
Black Friday deal

A Beautiful Bouquet

This was the second time I’ve seen a bouquet made up entirely of old jewelry, mostly brooches. A very nice way to incorporate some family heirlooms and definitely not something the bride will be tossing during the reception! I’ve done this shot a number of times and it’s always a perennial favorite amongst brides.


wedding photographer Eugene

Veil in the Wind

Whenever a bride has a long veil I always hope for a windy day. At this Seven Springs wedding, Laurel’s veil was six feet long! Laurel, who works at David’s Bridal, made her own wedding dress, including the veil. As we were shooting the bridal portraits I kept hoping the wind would pick up. It never did so I had the maid of honor take hold of Laurel’s veil and fully extend it, only letting it go when I told her to (she then jumped out of the frame). I’ve also added a slight gaussian blur to this image, which I like to do when there’s dappled light.


Seven Springs Wedding Photographer Matt Emrich

Jumping for Joy

This is from a wedding I shot last Saturday, along the Willamette River near Harrisburg (Oregon), at The Riverbend Resort. I had Robert leap off the rock you see behind the bride, and I told him to jump away from her so there’d be some spacing between them.


Matt Emrich Photo

A Leap of Faith

This groom had no intention of making this jump, but he did make a leap of faith later on that day when he married his beautiful bride, Melissa.

This image was made at the Embassy Suites in Denver, Colorado just prior to the wedding ceremony.

wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

Flowers in the Breeze

This is an image I like to create at a lot of my weddings: just the flowers in focus with the couple behind them. When the wind picked up during this particular shoot it created some nice, dynamic movement.

You’ll notice this is the full image from one of my rotating header images at the very top of the page.

wedding photographer Eugene Oregon

A Beckenridge Wedding

Beckenridge Vineyard is located near Dallas, Oregon. They take great pride in their wine, even going so far as to ask their guests not to bring any footwear that’s been worn at other vineyards! I guess this helps keep out unwanted pests and microorganisms that might upset the grape stock. I found a similar attitude from a customs agent in Auckland, but never before in the States 🙂

Leanne and Ryan were married on a gorgeous summer day at Beckenridge and most everyone had on brand new shoes. I did a custom sepia conversion in Adobe Lightroom.


wedding photographer Portland Oregon

Chris & Ashley at Bridal Veil Lakes

I always like to include a collection of images of the bride’s bouquet. This one was taken at Bridal Veil Lakes, about an hour east of Portland. There are many ways to do this and one of my favorite is to have the groom stand behind the bride and have them both clasp the bouquet together. I then frame the image so only their hands (with rings!) and the flowers are showing, with a little bit of wedding dress and tuxedo in the background. Whenever I start this sequence I always tell the couple they can relax their faces, since I’m only focusing on their hands. I happened to look up during this particular shot and saw very nice, unguarded expressions on both their faces. No time for fill flash, or to adjust my metering for the bright sky behind them, but I got the shot. They loved it!


Bridal Veil Lakes wedding photographer